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What’s in a Supplement Review?

Our reviews are first and foremost independent and objective; however, even more than that, they are intended to be of a simple nature and easy to utilize. We at dislike pages filled with over the top terminology and industry jargon, so we try to convey it in understandable terms whenever and wherever possible, always keeping the reader in mind.

Our reviews are also comprehensive and transparent, meaning that our goal is to provide you with everything you need to know about the particular supplement you are researching and back it up with resources. Furthermore, they are comprehensive in that, if you require further analysis, we have quality references to assist with any additional questions you come across.

Why Do We Review Supplements?

Well, frankly, because we enjoy it and because the feedback we receive on a daily basis confirms that it brings tremendous value to the hundreds of thousands of our visitors. But there are other equally as important reasons out there, in addition to this.

One of the most crucial reasons is because of the growing magnitude of the supplements industry, which is already in double digit billions annually. According to the Nutritional Business Journal the projected revenue for the nutritional supplements industry by the year 2021 is $60 billion dollars. Quite a massive number indeed.

The thing about the supplement industry however, is that there are thousands of participants all making extremely big promises and claims, and no one player has a monopoly; making this industry as diverse as can be and therefore the reviews of the offered products ball the more important.

How Do We Keep up with All the Changes?

Keeping up with the ever changing supplements industry is no easy task, and luckily we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge. Every year we are faced with huge promises being made by thousands of supplement companies, fancy eye catching packaging, and admittedly superb marketing tactics. Our job is to set all of that aside, and review what’s inside the fancy box/bottle.

We are seekers of the truth, and as such we are always collecting information on whatever we can get our hands and eyes on. We make sure to stay up to date on the most recent industry news and frequently unleash our market researches into the vast abyss of the supplements industry; to our delight and surprise they keep coming back with more valuable information time after time.

Information which we review and consolidate into supplement reviews, easily accessible on your mobile, tablet, or desktop. In the process of providing you with valuable information, we additionally and simultaneously have the goal of saving you money in the process.

Our Reviews Help You Reach Health Goals

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As mentioned previously, the supplement industry is a colossal multi-billion dollar a year business; what was once an industry full of die hard fitness enthusiasts has now become mainstream and has skyrocketed in products and profits.

Because it is in the best interest of the supplement companies to provide you with misleading information and sway you with advanced marketing methods, without proper information you are on the losing end of the deal from the get go.

Supplement reviews are important in this regard, because what a company claims a product contains and its effects may very well be a misleading claim. For example, the company may not necessarily be lying (which is illegal, thankfully), however, they can turn a profit by using the truth in a misleading manner.

If a substance was found to be effective in producing a certain result during lab testing (on animals, or petri-dishes), it may not necessarily mean that the big claim of “muscle building” on the container is necessarily true for a human being.

Find Supplements That Work for You

The most important thing when it comes to investing in supplements to go alongside your health and fitness goals, is to make sure that what you are consuming is actually worth your time and money. Thankfully, our job is to present you with consolidated lists and in-depth reviews of products and companies that offer just that, when all the marketing hype is put aside.

Our reviews are full of insightful information and backed by referenced research; as you’re looking around for a health goal you are trying to improve, you are sure to come across a valuable supplement review that will assist you in achieving that goal.

Whether you are low on energy, looking to strengthen your immune system, require more potassium in your diet, trying to lose or gain weight, or just need more vitamins in your day, you have come to the right place.

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