Best bulking workout guide for ectomorphs

Do you have a long awaited dream of being muscular?

Only those who have the skinny body type can understand the agony of spending long hours in the gym but in vain! Being intimidated by the hefty guys in the gym, trying to workout and not seeing any changes in your body can lead to severe frustration and disappointment. First of all, for anyone to gain weight, you should identify your body type such that you take the right approach to it. Blindly following any approach can be disastrous!!!

Here, we will talk about ECTOMORPHS. These are people having a skinny body frame, longer limbs and an average height. When it comes to body building they are known as ‘Hard Gainers’! Building muscle and gaining weight is quite difficult for them while following the conventional approaches. Go on reading if you are one of them or even know someone who falls in this category. Such people are many and they often get frustrated seeing that their efforts don’t commensurate with results! Sweating profusely, working hard and still not progressing rather being in awe of other’s bodies can make anyone disappointed.

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One of the main problems ectomorph’s face is that in the early days the process of building muscle isn’t fun. It hurts, it makes you feel sick, and the progress is slow going too. Here is a roadmap that you can follow to actually enjoy your training while gaining mass too. By now you should understand that there’s something wrong in the approach itself. Whatever you’ve been doing till now is not resonating with your body type.

So, let’s find find what can be done to gain muscle and hence weight, the right approach to it. The key to weight gain for ectomorph body type!


1. Workout LESS Often

Being an ectomorph sometimes creates in us the urge to workout more. But, here it is crucial for you to know that being too hard on yourself is not going to to wonders for you instead this is the real problem that keeps your muscles from optimum growth. You don’t need to spend 6 days a week down the gym in order to pack on muscle. Training too often hampers the body’s ability to grow and get appropriate rest and recuperation.

It is important to know crucuial factors that affect your workout regimen’s efficacy! As researched and stated by professionals (NSCA)

“Recovery is an aspect of training that is often overlooked. It is important to understand the recovery time for larger and smaller muscle groups so changes can be made to the training program. Larger muscle groups take 48 – 72 hr to recover between intense workouts. Smaller muscle groups take anywhere from 24 to 48 hrs.”

“Sleep is also often overlooked, but it is paramount to help muscle tissue recover and effectively maintain a hormonal balance that induces hypertrophy. Sleep recommendations range anywhere from 7 – 10 hr per night to recover between workouts.”

  • Too much intensity is detrimental to progress. If you perform workouts that incorporate intensifying techniques like forced reps, drop sets, pre-exhaustion, super-sets…etc., you’re practically asking to hit a progress plateau.
  • The body of an ectomorph isn’t designed to handle sustained weight lifting and bodybuilding activities. You may have to work twice as hard for every ounce of muscle gained than those with other body types.
  • Do not have lengthy or rigorous workout training routines. Strength and stamina will need to be built slowly and over time. Pushing too hard can cause damage that cannot easily be undone.

The final verdict is that a 3 day, good all-body ectomorph workout per week is all you need to get the muscle growth you desire. This gives you at least a day’s rest between each workout.

2. Isolation Exercises Won’t Get You Big

I guess you’ve read it many times…Monday is Arms Day, Tuesday is Legs Day, Wednesday is Back Day…etc.
If you’re doing this already, then please STOP! Think about it…a routine like this only works each body part ONCE per week…How can an ectomorph get big like that?

Professionals affirm that Compound exercises are known to build power, strength and size.

A compound exercise involves multiple joints and multiple muscle groups, while isolation exercises focus on one muscle group or one joint at a time excluding participation of several muscles at a time. Instead of isolation exercises focus on the “Big Basic” exercises in your ectomorph workouts (Squats, Deadlifts, Chest Press, Woodchoppers, Bicep Curls, and Bent Over Rows, Overhead Press) which work multiple muscle groups and improve muscle functionality too, helping you to build a well-balanced muscular ectomorph body.

3. Keep Your Workouts Short

For, sustained built of muscles, first of all the workout should be designed keeping in mind the genetics of the human body. Every one does not have the same amount of endurance power, and they do respond differently to strength trainings. When it comes to the body of an ectomorph, it isn’t designed to handle sustained weight lifting and bodybuilding activities. An ectomorph may have to work twice as hard for every ounce of muscle gained than those with other body types.

It also means that the ectomorph cannot handle a rigorous or lengthy strengthening workout routine. Strength and stamina will need to be built slowly and over time. Pushing too hard can cause damage that cannot easily be undone and can take you away from your workout goals for a lengthy period of time.
Keeping your ectomorph workouts short is key to maintaining consistency, intensity, and effectiveness. Too much intensity is detrimental to progress. Focus on high quality reps (between 8-12) and low numbers of sets (between 1-3). Gaining muscle mass for the ectomorph comes from high-intensity low-volume training – i.e. 100% effort on less sets.

A study showed that : Low-volume resistance training utilizing long rest intervals stimulated significantly greater 1RM bench press and lean arm mass gains compared to moderate intensity, high-volume program utilizing short rest intervals in resistance-trained men. (NCBI)

4. Eat BIG to Get BIG

Not eating enough, can be a problem for those who are working out and struggling to gain weight. But, it is important to know what is actually, ENOUGH?

Most ectomorphs and hardgainers have a very high metabolic rate which means the food they eat is processed superfast. You can eat multiple times in a day. Eat a high protein meal with some nutritious and energy-sustaining carbohydrates every three to three-and-a-half hours while taking in four to six meals per day. This can be achieved with supplemental shakes and plenty of healthy fats (e.g., nut butters, olive oil, fattier milks, etc. But don’t stuff down mega calories unless your goal is to get fat.

A well-balanced diet with an appropriate amount of macronutrients (e.g., protein, carbohydrate, fat) is essential to optimize gains. Nutrition plays a substantial role in the process of building muscle. When training with a focus on muscle hypertrophy, protein is highly essential for muscle tissue repair and growth. Based on recommendations from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, athletes should consume 1.2 – 1.7g/kg of bodyweight per day of protein to promote muscle growth. (NSCA)

Eating too much food can actually slow down your progress. Your body has a finite amount of daily energy. It uses energy to digest and process food. It needs energy to recuperate worked out muscles. These are requirements in addition to the energy expended to go about your daily activities. Stuffing down mega daily calories in the 3,000 to 5,000 is NOT anabolic, but rather… energy draining. And it doesn’t force torn down muscle tissue to recuperate any faster.

The recommended daily calorie intake for a person is between 2000 – 2500. But as we all know each body responds differently, so if you do not see gains with the recommended calorie intake you should understand that you’re actually burning all that you consume. So you may increase your intake.

REMEMBER: All beginners who have started strength training and aim to build muscle should know that in the initial phase your neurological adaptations are crucial for building muscle. The faster the adaptation, the better the recovery. After the nervous system gets adapted, then comes into play the calorie intake factor. Keep a close watch on what you eat, monitor your progress and find the appropriate balance with the amount of calories that you need.

5. Take Legal Steroids and HGH Supplements

Heard of HGH body building supplements? Wondering what they are? Inquisitive on how could they help in building muscle mass?

HGH body building supplements can work best for ectomorphs in their bulking quest, and HGH is the best stuff for ectomorphs. It’s not exactly a steroid, HGH is a polypeptide protein consisting of 191 amino acids in a single chain. It falls in the category of peptide hormones and not steroid hormones. HGH injections are illegal without prescriptions, but that doesn’t stop several bodybuilders and teenagers abusing them illegally to bulk up & build muscles fast, while natural supplements like HyperGH 14x are perfectly legal.

1. What Is HGH?

HGH or human growth hormone is actually an amino acid complex secreted by the human body’s master gland – the pituitary gland. It is also known as the growth hormone as it controls all other hormones in the body and monitors bodily growth. Here is a guide on how to enhance HGH levels naturally for anabolic growth.

2. What Is The Need For HGH Supplements?

The hormone is beyond doubt secreted by the system in a natural manner but its production gradually declines with advancing age. That is the reason why human growth witnesses a spurt during childhood. An estimated 14% of the HGH production fall is witnessed in the human system with each passing decade. So to say, after 55 years of age, the natural HGH secretion gets almost halved. Some more consequent years down the line, and the body witnesses almost negligible levels of the hormone. It is then that HGH supplement’s need comes into picture. These supplements can counter aging effectively and increase overall energy levels in middle-aged humans. The supplements are also appropriated by people from other age brackets, especially athletes to experience energy and performance spurts and general bodybuilding.

3. How Do These Supplements Actually Work?

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone in the body. Supplements high on HGH have an anabolic effect on the body.

This makes them a perfect choice for gaining lean muscle mass as against anabolic steroids, (especially for ectomorphs) which come laden with side-effects such as triggered aggression, blood clotting, renal failures, hypertension, and gynecomastia.


6. Watch your diet while you are taking STEROIDS

As stated earlier, legal steroids work through a couple of different mechanisms. First, they are going to cause the body to release a great deal more testosterone. As you likely already know, testosterone is the primary hormone that is involved in your ability to build muscle and is what makes males so muscular in comparison with most females.When testosterone levels are elevated, you are in a position to grow muscle tissue at a faster rate.

The second way in which testosterone works is by actually increasing the rate at which the body synthesizes protein. But you need to consume a diet that contains sufficient amounts of protein and then are going to metabolize this protein at a quicker rate, you will therefore be able to build muscle faster.


  • Simplify the workout with distributing exercised on different days of a week. Here are certain examples of some of the best exercises that you can rely on, to have effective muscle growth. Target each group of large muscles with these exercises! You can use any other compound exercises where you might find the ease or efficiency.
  1. Chest : Bench press (if you can’t use individual dumbbells, use a bar)
  2. Back: Bent over row
  3. Legs: Squats/ people with back prblm can do deadlifts if squats are a problem
  4. Shoulders: Overhead Press
  5. Biceps : Barbell curls
  6. Triceps: Lying extension
  • If you’re a beginner first learn and master the right movement. Understand the pattern.
  • After you learn the technique, you’ll enjoy the workout.
  • As you learn and grasp the right movement. Now use the trick of PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD. But while adding weight you need to take care that you still follow the same movement. You can keep on adding weight if you can retain the body posture.
  • Do not be too hard on yourself or expect the body to be very fast in adapting to the increased weights. Some people’s bodies adapt faster while others’ take time. Some people develop neurological strength to handle weights a lot faster than others. Your focus should be on keeping commnad on the right movement rather that only increasing weight.
  • According to your ability and need, you can add more exercises for specific muscle groups, like push ups, pull ups, lunge etc.

Focus on your diet, workouts and finally find yourself closer to your goal of being the muscular person you’ve always admired!

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Desires should be backed by ACTION! But does this always guarantee to make you reach your goal?? No… It sometimes does happen that if efforts are less or in the wrong direction, no matter how much you try you still fail. The world of body building knows it well!

It happens with many folks and of course you might be able to relate well to what I am hinting at!
Massive muscular growth, having a strong and bulky body is a coveted thing for many gym goers. The underlying reason can be just anything like, competitiveness, power, being a pro body builder or reaching the pinnacle of your masculinity/femininity. Do not be disheartened for there’s a road map to every destination.You will now see manifest changes if, you still yearn for that muscle growth despite all your efforts!

Ben Pakulski’s MI40 program is for all those, men or women who have hit a plateau and need to escalate their muscle bulding and growth.

Your gym instructors, fitness magazines, crazy body building guides and packages might have made you confused and reluctant in trying just anything.

But, remember that this one is from a professional who has several accolades to his name, is a veteran in the field and has spent years trying and retrying, learning from mistakes, understanding even the tiny aspects to be what he is today. So what you get, is something well researched, experimented, backed with science and experience!

Who is Ben?

He is an IFBB professional body builder. He had also won the Mr Canada title in the year 2008. There’s much chance that you might have seen him on the cover page of any body building magazine (Flex magazine, Muscle magazine, inside fitness etc) if you are in a habit of going through them.
He also has an honours degree in ‘ Kinesiology’ (science that deals with human and non human body movement.). So, if he claims that he has developed the most intelligent muscle bulding program, he might not be wrong! Knowledge, experience, trial and error gave birth to his training prgram which he calls MI40.

MI40: The mystery lies in the name itself !

MI stands fro Mass Intentions and the number 40, relates to the number of days requierd for the program, and many other things like:

Each workout /session is f0r 40 minutes long.
Each set needs 40 seconds tiem.
The rest period is also for 40 seconds.
40 day meal plans aer aslo provided with teh program.

The real deal is how, Ben has desigend that they can be executed within 40 minutes, and strength is maximised by doing each set in 40 seconds and giving your msucles a minimal rest of only 40 aecons again!

** It can of course be tough for beginners, so those who have soem experience and training in body bulding should try this one to overcome their muscle growth platue.

How he promises that ‘bulking’ you’ve always desired?

A well established fact is that, ‘Mechanical Load’ is necessary to induce muscular hypertrophy but all those who know this and have tried to execute it, know it well as to what extent it helps!

Ben Pakulski’s program focuses on teh right techniques involved, the right time and effort needed, to optimise gains. What lies behind his bulking program are some basic principles which you will easily understand:

  • Controlling the time under tension
  • Neurological overload
  • Proper range of motion
  • Progressively increasing ‘muscular torque’

-‘ He aims at providing optimal stress that stimulates the endocrine system and causes testosterone production, hence casing the muscle growth which is not possible in any conventional workouts.’

-Ben, does not say that muscles feel the weight you lift, instead they feel the torque and so, he has developed the perfect techniques to progressively increase the torque and with the right postures and movements to minimize any sort of damage.

-This program makes tissues adapted for the heavy lifts and using right angles and lifting techniques, focusing on many more muscle groups than you’ve ever thought.

-Compound movements are used which he calls as ‘mass construction’ exercises.

What’s different??

MI40 is for intermediate to advanced body builders.

MI40 claims to deliver what is not possible with simple and straight sets. Each exercise is designed to exert maximum inward and outward tension on the muscles to exhaust them and drive growth! His program completely revolutionizes the conventional heavy weight lifting techniques you have ever used in the gym and where you keep on increasing the weights but the form does not get any better.

In order to gain what is promised in this program, you need to follow with utmost commitment and with precision. A lot of hard work needs to be put in, to perfect yourself with movements and then you will see manifest changes in your body.

The complete package:

  • 40 Day Mass Intelligence pdf Manual
  • 40-Day MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual
  • 40-Day Mass Instruction Workout Videos
  • 40-Day Mass Proportion Exercise Execution Guide
  • 40-Day MASS Prescription Printable Workout Sheets
  • 40-Day MASS Pursuit Calendar
  • You Get A 40-Day MASS Supplement Stack Protocol
  • Size Secrets Audio Interrogation


  • Mi40, is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. Of course this keeps you in a no risk position, since the program is designed for only 40 days, after which you may see results if you put the required effort.
  • The information provided is complete in every sense and comes in 8 parts pdf, video, and audio formats.
  • The training videos vividly explain every nuance of workouts, and additional pictures are also included to make the understanding of postures and movements even more simple for you.
  • The nutritional aspect of any workout program is as important the workout itself. Ben has provided detailed 40 days instructions about the meals you need to couple your workout with. All his provided information is backed by sound knowledge and experimentation.
  • The audios contain valuable secrets that Ben reveals and also provides advice to his clients. An indepth know how of the workout regimen from the instructor himself is really valuable.


Bear in mind that this program is not for beginners. Since, it will last for only 40 days, it is a high intensity program and will be tough, so you need to have some rudimentary training and fitness level to be able to progressively increase work load.

Watch this, to see how MI40 works….

MI40 Xtreme: MI40X !

MI40 xtreme is an even more advanced approach to muscle building. Not merely bulky, but if you aim to be a professionally competitive beast then you really need to this program.Both the programs work on the same basics, but this one has been modified a little to incorporate techniques that will engage more muscle fibres to take muscle building to the next level.

While MI40 will focus on:
Handling the torque
Time under tension
Precision execution

MI40X takes your body building to a next level via:
Cell Swelling through C.E.P (Cell Expansion Protocol)
Tiem under tension
Intra set stretching and
BFR (Blood flow restriction)

While taking MI40X you must remember that it will involve a lot more hard work, perseverance and consistency than what MI40 demanded. This one isn’t for the less determined people, lest you won’t be able to handle the pressure it demands.

The program is designed to help you such that:

  • All instructions and demos have been provided with detailed explanations in pdfs, audio and video formats along with constant online support.
  • Work out sheets have been provided which have been categorized into a) Natural beginner b)Graduate intermediate and c) pro-advanced
  • Workout sheets have tables. Each table incorporates the exercises to do, the techniques.
  • The sets and reps.
  • Every concept has detailed explanations, and demo videos are provided for a better understanding.
  • Nutrition guide is also provided.
  • Supplement guide available to make you aware of the right supplements. With his rich 14 years of experience in the field and jaw dropping accomplishments, Ben provides nutrition and supplement guidelines, that are often a hindrance in reaching the finest level of muscle build.

Money Matters!

MI40 costs 77$. MI40X costs 97$, and has produced successful body builders

If you feel its expensive, think again. Spending time in the gym, paying the fees, spending on supplements, diet and still not getting what you want is the real loss. Both these programs are such that, they will give you overwhelming gains and the price you would have paid will be petty against what you will achieve. People who used it, have testified its effectiveness.


A workout program like Mi40 guarantees not only improving but taking you to a level of Strength, Stamina and Muscle built that you might have never thought.

The program strikes a perfect balance between al aspects like training, nutrition and supplementation and thus proves to be better than all other programs where if you lack in one or the other area, you always struggle to achieve your goal.

While MI4oX, will help enthusiastic body builders to become professional body builders. Backed by knowledge of Kinesiology, Endocrinology, Physiology and Metabolism, it is bound to resonate with your body like any other program did not. Moreover, the customer support team is very vigilant and remains active 24X7 to help their clients.

Editor’s Note:- We recommend you to give yourself a chance to bust all myths related to weight gains and try MI40 to realize your real potential. And if you need an even faster and targeted program for bulking and you can try MI40X.