Dr. Bengebara Omar, MD, senior medical reviewer at PowerandBulk.com, brings a unique perspective to health-related topics due to his extensive experience as an Emergency Room (ER) doctor. His work in the ER offers a distinctive viewpoint on the medical field, as he navigates the challenges of treating, operating, and advising patients. His contributions to PowerandBulk.com, in collaboration with others, ensure the accuracy and relevance of the articles.

In addition to being a board-certified ER doctor, Dr. Omar’s unconventional work setting and the diverse patient population he interacts with daily enable him to pursue his passion for medicine. He imparts his medical knowledge, both physiological and pathological, and also shares insights on the psychological and social aspects of medicine, given the delicate nature of managing stress, emotions, and relationships in emergency situations.

Dr. Omar, affectionately known as Dr. Ben, is also deeply involved in community work. As a member of AIESEC and IFMSA, he is a fervent advocate for children’s rights, particularly their right to access healthcare and education, especially in developing nations. His commitment to these causes is evident in his participation in numerous medical caravans for individuals in remote areas lacking medical services.

Beyond his medical pursuits, Dr. Ben is a former tennis coach, a fitness enthusiast, and an avid traveler. He firmly believes in the power of a healthy lifestyle as a cornerstone of wellness, encompassing both physical and mental health. He is dedicated to imparting this belief to his patients, convinced that promoting a healthy lifestyle can be more beneficial than merely treating their medical conditions.