Dr. Aleksandar Grbovic is a distinguished medical doctor with a specialization in cardiovascular (CVS) and diabetes medications. His extensive experience in these fields has been honed over the years, making him a highly sought-after expert in the medical community. He has spent eight years as a faculty member at the University of Belgrade‘s Faculty of Medicine, where he has contributed to the education of future medical professionals, sharing his knowledge and expertise.

In addition to his academic role, Dr. Grbovic has been affiliated with the Institute of Occupational Medicine “Serbian Railways.” This esteemed institution, founded by the Serbian Railways Company over 130 years ago, initially provided specialized medical services to railway personnel. However, it has since evolved into a primary care medical facility, serving over 100,000 patients across Serbia, including approximately 50,000 patients in its Belgrade branch. Dr. Grbovic’s association with this institute has allowed him to gain a broad perspective on primary care and occupational medicine.

Dr. Grbovic’s pursuit of knowledge didn’t stop there. He attended a Radiology residency, further expanding his medical expertise. He also worked on a project dedicated to developing educational materials for the Internal Medicine board exams in the United States, as well as for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) steps 1 and 2. This project allowed him to contribute to the education of aspiring doctors in the US, demonstrating his commitment to medical education on a global scale.

Dr. Grbovic has also been working as a freelance medical writer. His articles, primarily intended for the general public, aim to demystify complex medical topics. As a medical writer, his primary goal is to bridge the communication gap between doctors and patients by translating complex medical jargon into language that laypeople can understand. The knowledge that his writing could help someone connect the dots and better understand their health condition is what fuels his motivation.

As a Senior Medical Reviewer at PowerandBulk.com, Dr. Grbovic continues to leverage his extensive medical knowledge and writing skills to provide accurate, understandable, and relevant health information. His work helps empower readers to make informed decisions about their health & wellness, further exemplifying his commitment to patient education and care.