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Having trouble getting your mass up to the levels you’ve been looking for? Once we hit certain heights in training and muscle building it can be tough to get the body to increase to even greater heights. MHP has been working for athletes for years to help with needs such as these, and have developed many different supplements to help you on your way.

And through years of research and development MHP has brought you their most powerful mass gainer yet UP YOUR MASS.

MHP, Up Your Mass High Protein Super Weight Gainer, Chocolate, 4.71 Pound
  • 50g protein
  • 660 Calories
  • 11g BCAAs
  • 2:1 Carb:Protein
  • 12 servings

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50g of Six Fully Disclosed, Quick & Sustained Release Proteins.36g Whey Protein Concentrate, 5g Milke Protein Concentrate, 3g Hydrolysed Whey Protein, 2.5g Whey Protein Isolate, 2.5g Calcium Caseinate, 1g Egg White Protein 18 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as 10g of dietary fibre, pre-biotics and digestive enzymes for improved digestion, regularity and nutrient absorption.

This unique Informed Choice Certified, what-you-see-is-what-you-get formula, has no hidden ingredients or proprietary blends!

While other mass gainers are loaded with sugar and cheap carb fillers that cause you to be fat and bloated, Up Your Mass features a perfectly balanced 2:1 carb to protein ration, with less than 10g of sugar and low glycaemic carbs from Carb10, Sweet Potato, Oat Fibre and 10g of dietary fibre to help you pack on quality size.

User reviews

I bought this product from my gym trainer…2.8kg in weight and it had a importer seal from MHI..the powder looks genuine…

Mixability is good…easy on digestion…the only problem i faced was in its taste…tastes very sweet and not like a

chocolate flavour… Waiting for results

You take pills that give you the whole placebo effect. It’s all a big farce just to get people’s money. The 5 star reviews are bogus and fake. The 1 to sometimes 3 stars are more authentic. My experience with these pills aren’t positive at all. I’m not noticing any significant changes or fast results like the product says it provides. I’m doing the extreme with fasting, sauna for extended periods of time, light weight/high reps, and lots of cardio. There’s no results except for being tired and feeling like the product is a waste of time.


UP YOUR MASS is a highly advanced mass gainer to help you reach the levels you’ve been working for. Using powerful ingredients at potent amounts you will get the best gains faster than you have before. Using this powerful mass gainer even the most hard core athletes will be able to gain mass quickly.

MHP Up Your Mass is easily one of the best weight gainer supplements on the market in just about every way.

It would be good to see some new flavours released in the future but the existing ones are nothing short of amazing so you want hear any complaints from us any time soon!

Once again, this product offers great value for money and features some excellent ingredients in terms of quality and effectiveness, so MHP Up Your Mass definitely receives a strong recommendation from us.


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