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Whey Diesel is the pinnacle of MusclePharm’s Hardcore Series, designed for serious athletes who won’t settle for low-quality, ineffective supplements. This premium protein blend combines whey isolate, whey concentrate, and glutamine in a quality formula that has no proprietary blends, amino spiking, or banned substances. Whey Diesel boosts strength, adds size, and helps you recover faster.

Whey isolate is one of the purest forms of protein available. Combined with whey concentrate, this high-quality duo supplies all essential amino acids (including anabolic BCAAs)[1] directly to hard-working muscles to significantly enhance strength and muscle growth.[2] You work hard – it’s time you start seeing hardcore results!

MusclePharm Hardcore Diesel Whey Protein Powder To Help Build Muscle (Chocolate Milk Shake)
  • No Proprietary Blends. 15G Whey Isolate. 10G Whey Concentrate. 5G Glutamine.

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MusclePharm Diesel provides 15 g of whey protein isolate and 10 g of whey protein concentrate. The fact that MusclePharm lists these individual protein amounts out is a benefit to consumers. A lot of whey protein supplements don’t have the protein content listed this way; rather, it is all combined in a proprietary blend. So, kudos to MusclePharm.

Whey protein is used to support daily protein requirements and is supplemented with to help reduce muscle soreness after intense workouts.

Whey Isolate is filtered to remove a base water component, which means whey isolate is almost lactose and cholesterol free.

Whey concentrate contains trace fat, cholesterol, and lactose. Some people who don’t handle dairy products well may not respond well to whey concentrate; however, there is more whey isolate in MusclePharm Diesel, which leads me to believe people shouldn’t experience too many side effects.

This protein is physique-friendly. In each serving you’ll be getting 25 g of protein with very little calories and carbohydrates –140 calories, 3 g carbs.

MusclePharm Diesel also provides 5 g L-glutamine. L-glutamine is studied for its ability to boost protein synthesis, which essentially means greater muscle growth. L-glutamine is a popular amino acid which is also usually present in HGH boosters.

User reviews

Review 1

This whey is awesome easy mixability, great taste😋😋, authentic and smells really great Loved

Review 2

It’s got a bitter after taste to it. Won’t be buying it again.

Other useful information


The flavor was good. It tasted much like other chocolate-flavored protein powders I’ve tried. The flavor wasn’t necessarily unique, but there weren’t any strange after taste, which is a bonus. The mixability was decent. I did have to shake it again half way through to mix up some extra clumps that had settled.

MusclePharm Diesel also comes in Vanilla Ice Cream flavor.

If you supplement with whey protein and get sufficient dietary protein, you’ll definitely notice your muscle soreness being attenuated, allowing you to recover faster.

MP Hardcore Diesel offers an incredible mixture of Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein direct to provide your body with a continual launch of amino acids to ensure that you’ll stay in an anabolic state for extended period of time.

In inclusion to this, MP Hardcore Diesel also includes 5 g of the conditionally crucial amino acid L-Glutamine per portion to market actually more fast recovery from your own training sessions and also to provide your program a much-needed boost on a regular basis.

Experts Comments

A decent whey protein powder is one of the most fundamental supplements that every athletes and bodybuilders should be using, and in fact anybody who is looking to get into shape could potentially stand to benefit from using a product like this.

Whether or not MP Hardcore Diesel is a good protein powder of choice for complete beginners is open to debate because many of us are operating on a tight budget and can?t afford to use a top-of-the-line protein blend from a brand like MusclePharm.

There is no denying that MP Hardcore Diesel is a good protein blend supplement but there are probably more suitable options for those of you who have only just started getting your hands on some iron.

Be sure not to rule out MP Hardcore Diesel entirely, but make sure you shop around and look at some of our other supplement reviews and top 10 protein powder lists to get a better idea of what else is available within your particular price range.


MP Hardcore Diesel is an excellent blend of proteins brought to you by one of the world?s most popular supplement manufacturers, MusclePharm, so you can rest assured that you are receiving a seriously high level of quality in this product.


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