Introduction: What are HGH supplements or secretagogues?

HGH supplements come in the following forms:- pills, sprays, liquid drops, transdermal gel or patch, mixable powders.

There is another term widely used for these HGH products – HGH or GH “secretagogues”. A secretagogue, by definition is a “substance that causes another substance to be secreted”.

So, an HGH secretagogue is one that when consumed, causes HGH secretion from the pituitary gland.

Keep in mind, there are certain “peptides” which when injected in the body act as very efficient secretagogues, eg. GH-releasing peptide-6 (GHRP-6), GHRP-1, GHRP-2 etc [study]. These peptides are not commercially available, but can be bought for research purposes.

Commercially available secretagogues can come in pill or powder form. They contain no GH, but, instead, amino acids and other ingredients that manufacturers claim cause the body to increase the production of GH. Common amino acids in these products are glutamine, arginine, ornithine, phenylalanine, and lysine. These substances are used in many sports supplements.

As far as the ingredients are concerned, in expert research, there are around 7 ingredients that are more powerful than others and must be present in an HGH supplement to make the overall product, a successful hGH precursor (secretagogue).

Now, these 7 ingredients influence the body by stimulating at least one of the 7 mechanisms that induce more HGH production.

Some of these ingredients influence by more than one mechanism.

Now, usually pills and powders should be able to pack lots of diverse ingredients into them and come up with good hgh products. Some companies use proprietary blends and have clinically studied ratios of these ingredients when they mix them.

The liquid HGH drops usually can’t have enough quantities of these ingredients to successfully enhance HGH production, however, they can be more bioavailable(means their absorption rates maybe high).

Liquid drops can also be homeopathic, which we discuss below.

Compare Best HGH supplements for sale: Top 60 HGH products

Below is the list of top rated HGH supplements for anti-aging & bodybuilding in the market.

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RANKProduct NameProduct TypeReview
1Genf20 PlusPillsThe only HGH supplement that enhances growth hormone production via 7 mechanisms. Contains Deer antler velvet and anti-somatostatin compounds. Based on our research and analysis, we believe that GenF20 Plus has the potential to increase your HGH levels. However, as the studies we read included subjects ranging in age and weight, you have to keep in mind that your results may vary from what the supplement claims on its site and what the research shows. Having said that, if you are in the market for an HGH based anti-aging supplement, we recommend this as the no. 1 supplement in this category because of its high quality ingredients, clinical study done on it, and endorsement from medical community.
2HyperGH 14XPillsFEATURES 15 POTENT HGH PRECURSORS, WITH 4,040 MG TOTAL PER DAY! In our opinion, HyperGH 14x has the highest quality of HGH boosting potential to increase your HGH levels. This is not a here today, gone tomorrow company out to make a fast buck. They’re the real deal, however you have to keep in mind that your results may vary from what the supplement claims on its site and what the research shows. Having said that, if you are in the market for an HGH based bodybuilding supplement or any legal steroid, we recommend this as the no. 1 supplement in this category for bodybuilding because of its high quality ingredients, clinical study done on it, and endorsement from bodybuilding community.
3MHP Secretagogue-Gold HGHPillsPowerful supplement that contains all the different kinds of ingredients for enhancing HGH comprehensively. Don't be concerned by lesser number of reviews on e-commerce websites. This one is the real deal.
4Source Naturals HGH SurgePillsOne of the rare supplements to contain "Huperzine A" that is a potent anti-somatostatin compound. Overall, a very balance mix of amino acids and other ingredients to enhance HGH levels naturally.
5Olympian Labs Dynamic HGHPillsLike Genf20 Plus, it also contains deer antler velvet and dopamine enhancing compounds like Mucuna Pruriens, along with regular amino acids. Good positive reviews on ecommerce sites like and, although the product is relatively new to the market.
6High Energy Labs HGH CompletePillsOne of the most comprehensive ingredient profile, although the product doesn't contain Deer antler velvet. Hgh Complete™ with 7-Keto® & Aminotropin™ is one of the best Hgh and Ifg-1 products available. Like HyperGH 14x, it also acts as a mild Testosterone booster along with HGH enhancer. A scientifically developed precursor and releaser formula that is designed to increase your body's own growth levels naturally, increase energy levels, increase libido, help reverse the effects of aging and increase performance as well as maximize recovery and restoration.
7Ageless Foundation UltraMAX GOLDPillsSufficient quantities of amino acids + GABA, along with anti-somatostatin compound Alpha GPC and Acetyl-L-Carnitine makes it among the top 10 HGH supplements in the market. The product may improve physical performance and well-being, and supports a broad range of health benefits.
8Natures Plus Ultra GHT MalePillsOnce again, a good hgh bodybuilding supplement with solid ingredients profile that also acts as natural testosterone booster. But, it lags behind HyperGH 14x as a HGH booster, as it doesn't contain anti-somatostatin compounds like cholinergic supplements and then some.
9Performix Super male T + HGHPillsAnother HGH cum Testosterone booster, ideal for those into bodybuilding. The product has a diverse ingredient profile, although misses out on some like deer antler velvet. Moreover, the product is more expansive than other products in the same league (almost double priced) and the ingredients seem somewhat underdosed.
10Natures Plus GH MalePillsAnother product from Nature's Plus that focuses primarily on HGH. It has some antioxidants too like resveratrol, and overall seems an excellent anti-aging supplement. We'd have liked it more if it contained GABA.
11Nutraceutics Pro HGH SymbiotropinPillsThe product has a good mix of amino acids, dopamine enhancers and one anti-somatostatin compound Alpha GPC, making it through to the top 10 HGH supplements in the market.
12HGF MAXPillsLike Genf20Plus, this product too contains all sets of ingredients require to enhance HGH via several pathways/mechanisms, although the ingredients seem underdosed for the price. That's why it ranks lower.
13MHP Secretagogue-One HGHPowderAnother good product by MHP that contains sufficient quantities of amino acids and growth factors compounds, although missing on other kinds of HGH boosting ingredients.
14Pure Solutions Pure Factors Extreme Pro IGF 350DropsPro IGF 350 contains various different growth factors(variants of IGF-1) and claims to be specifically designed for those looking for the competitive edge against the competition. The growth factors in Pro IGF 350 provide performance enhancement benefits to any type of level of athlete. The product has good reviews but we little skeptical because it is basically based on single-line of ingredients ie. growth factors. A good product must have diverse ingredients to influence HGH production via multiple mechanisms.

All growth factors found in Pro IGF 350 are 100% naturally derived. There are no illegal or synthetic compounds found in this performance enhancer.
15Pure Solutions Pure IGFDropsPure IGF™ is basically a single-ingredient supplement ie. deer antler velvet extract that claims to combat aging at the cellular level. Growth Factors in Pure IGF are derived from the naturally balanced proteins found in Velvet Antler Extract. It misses out on all other kinds of ingredients required to work in synergy with the growth factors.
16Nature's Youth HGH (RSF Amino Acid Booster)PowderThe product only has amino acids including GABA that helps with deep sleep and cooling/warming mechanism to enhance HGH levels. Overall, a mediocre HGH supplement.
17Serovtital-HGH Liquid concentrateDropsLiquid version of the original popular Serovital-hgh that is fat absorbing.
18Serovital-HGHPillsOne of the most popular HGH anti-aging supplements the study on which was showcased on Dr. OZ show, although he didn't recommend it by name. Serovital is based on a PATENTED AMINO RENEWAL COMPLEX – SeroVital is backed by 4 clinical trials and protected by 15 U.S. and international patents, but what we see is just another amino acids hgh supplement.
19HGH Pill 30,000 Nanos by HGH.comPillsGood variety of ingredients, but amino acids seem under-dosed. Their HGF MAX seems a better product.
20HGH Activator by Dee Cee LaboratoriesPillsA good HGH product based on amino acids and a choline supplement. Amino acids are dosed sufficiently.
21Optim Metabolic hgh 8xPillsGood dosing of amino acids & GABA, but lacks other crucial ingredients like choline supplements or dopamine enhancers etc.
22Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals SomatomaxPillsGood dosing of amino acids, GABA, & Mucuna pruriens extract, but doesn't contain anti-somatostatin compounds like choline supplements.
23Basic Research Growth Factor-9 Complex Hormone AntecedentPillsThe bodybuilding/sports performance HGH supplement based on Serovital ingredients. Same product, different marketing. Overall, not a great hgh booster for muscles.
24Thrive hGHPillsThrive-hGH has the same patented formula that is found in Serovital or Growth Factor 9. The retail price seems to be little on the higher side as compared to the other 2 products unless you sign up for an autoship program.
25Maximum International Max HGHPillsA potent HGH precursor with lots of amino acids and growth factors containing compounds and also has GABA. But, other kinds of ingredients are missing.
26Youngevity HGH youth complexPillsBasically an amino-acids HGH supplement, but the ingredients seem under-dosed.
27Vitamass HGHPillsA very simple combination of amino acids and GABA. Unfortunately, ingredients are under-dosed for the price.
28Vigor Labs RAW HGHPillsA simple combination of dopamine enhancers, antioxidants and GABA, with no amino acids in the picture.
29AI SPORTS NUTRITION HGH proPillsA combination of Alpha GPC and GABA and with antioxidants. It works as a great sleep aid, but lacks in other important ingredients, although it also contains Shilajit extract, which is good for sexual health.
30Growth Factor Plus by HGH.comPillsAnother supplement from that is targeted towards younger people looking for height increase via enhancing HGH. Ingredients seem underdosed for anti-aging purpose but might be good enough for it's target market.
31HGH Complex by VitabasePillsA simple combination of underdosed amino acids and growth factors containing colostrum.
32Somatropinne HgHPillsJust one amino acids, one dopamine enhancer and other potent sexual enhancement ingredients like Maca and Horny goat weed. It might be good as a sexual enhancer, not much as HGH enhancer.
33Soma HGH 30000 nano spraySprayProbably the most popular HGH spray out there that has all the crucial ingredients required for HGH release. Soma Spray combines the six most potent Growth Factors, and 8 proven amino acid releasers all into one oral spray! Unfortunately, there is a lot of controversy regarding the functioning of "hgh sprays" and "homeopathic HGH", for example the dilution process. Due to these factors, we have to rank it much lower than what its popularity demands.
34Crazy Bulk HGH X-2PillsVery underdosed ingredients- and besides it contains just one amino acid and one dopamine enhancer.
35Always Young Renewal HGH Workout For MenSprayIt contains real homeopathic HGH, IGF-1, Testosterone, growth factors along with amino acids and NADH. So, ideally this HGH spray should be ranking much higher on our list, but it's NOT - the ingredients are highly diluted because of the way homeopathic products are designed and there is lot of controversy over functioning of homeopathic HGH.
36DaVinci Labs Cocoa HGHPowderAmino acids supplement with cocoa flavor but way overpriced.
37GHR1000PillsA simple amino acids supplement with GABA and colostrum, that is way overpriced and the ingredients are underdosed too.
38LA Nutrition Pro GHRPillsAnother simple amino acids supplement WITHOUT GABA but WITH colostrum, and the ingredients are underdosed.
39Beverly International GH FactorPillsAnother amino acids supplement with only two amino acids but in good enough quantities.
40Elemental Nutrition HGHPowderThis so called HGH supplement has only two amino acids - L Arginine and L-Lysine and is way overpriced. The dosing of amino acids is good though, so it seems to be more of a protein supplement.
41Goliath Labs Humoloid HGH SpraySprayThis hgh spray contains Humoloid Liquid proprietary blend of 100,000 ng that have almost all ingredients required for HGH boosting via multiple mechanisms and some for Testosterone boosting. But, since this is a homeopathic hgh spray with relatively lesser number of user reviews, we can't recommend it much higher.
42Always Young Renewal Hgh SpraySprayReal homeopathic HGH based spray with growth factors from Pituitaria Glandula & Colostrum.
43TimeFIGHTERS® HGH Anti-Aging Drink MixPowderAn underdosed amino acids supplement with GABA that is marketed as an anti-aging supplement.
44HGH Vitality from Deseret Biologicals (Desbio)DropsA real homeopathic HGH drops supplement that also contains real homeopathic Testosterone, estradiol, L Dopa, melatonin and growth factors from several sources. The ingredients look good on paper but all have been diluted to the extreme because of the way homeopathic hgh supplements have to be.
45Life-flo Healthcare IGF-1 plusSprayThis liposome sublinual vital spray formula from Life-Flo Health Care combines the power of potent herbs, IGF-1, IGF-2 and essential amino acids, but the ingredients are highly diluted and the working of homeopathic sprays is questionable.
46Problen HGH Plus IGF1 & IGF2SprayThis spray contains real homeopathic HGH along with Alpha GPC and several growth factors.
47Hgh Dopa 400 by Americas FinestPillsA single ingredient based HGH supplement containing L-Dopa that enhances dopamine supporting healthy mood and mental alertness as well as stimulating secretion of Human Growth Hormone. Unfortunately, a good HGH supplement requires more sophistication.
48Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Antler VelvetPillsAnother single ingredient based HGH supplement containing Deer Antler Velvet that has several growth factors stimulating secretion of Human Growth Hormone. Unfortunately, a good HGH supplement requires more sophistication.
49Liddell HGH spray, Vital Age DefianceSprayAnother HGH spray with real homeopathic hgh and pituitaria glandula growth factor.
50DaVinci Laboratories Maxi-HGHPowderA simple amino acids based HGH supplement that claims to combine the proper quantities and ratios of L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Lysine and Glycine. Unfortunately, it seems to be more as a protein supplement, and also the price is far more expensive than other HGH products in the same league, not to mention it misses out on some crucial ingredients.
51NewuLife Somaderm HGH GelGelNewULife HGH transdermal gel is a homeopathic product promoted through an MLM scheme and an overwhelming number of positive reviews floating around on the internet and video sharing websites like Youtube, are in fact, posted by the sellers/multi-level marketers of NewuLife. Under-dosed ingredients, and unjustified expansive price, NOT to mention no renowned homeopathic expert supports any homeopathic HGH on the market. (Some experts even claim there is nothing “homeopathic” about them!)
52ISOTROPIN® TONE Oral Spray (Isotropin® HGH PRO 6X)SprayAnother spray product with real Somatotrophin (HGH), amino acids and growth factors. There are not many user reviews out there.
53Herbal Nutrition Muscle Force ExtremeSprayThis non-homeopathic HGH spray claims to be more Bio-available than pills/capsules and has 400mg Proprietary Growth Formula, Containing L-Arginine, Bulgarian Tribulus & Niacin. Dosing is good as compared to other similar products but way less than supplements in pills/capsules form, although the user reviews seem good.
54Pride Nutrition G-Max Strength & Endurance FormulaDropsA non-homeopathic liquid HGH drops supplement but with very underdosed quantity of amino acids and Tribulus extract. (At 30 MG only!)
55Vitamass Homeopathic HGH PatchPatchA homeopathic HGH 9990 ng patch that has Transdermal Homeopathic Somatotrophin (HGH) at 3C/30C dilution. NOT very impressive compared to other HGH sprays.
56Life Choice HGH+ HomeopathicDropsAnother homeopathic supplement that contains growth factors BUT not real HGH. The product is from a company called Life Choice founded by a naturopathic doctor Eldon Dahl.
57Athletic Edge HGH + Igf-1 by AnuMed InternationalDropsA liquid HGH drops supplement called Athletic Edge eHGH Booster Liquid Drops that contains a proprietary blend. This is a homeopathic product from a company Anumed in which Dr. Rene Ryba MD. has played an important role as Director of R&D. After years of deep studies of the options offered by the alternative approach Dr. Rene found his passion in the scientific arm of Naturopathic Medicine which he views as a great “synergistic bridge”, a missing link in the contemporary medical care.
58Maximum Result H7 ComplexSprayH7 Complex is an homeopathic HGH spray and its natural formula does not contain any prescription HGH or Human Growth Hormone. H7 Complex has natural herbal ingredients and claims to help those seeking anti-aging benefits, increased muscle tone & fat loss, better sleep & memory function, and increased energy & sex drive. We think there are better HGH sprays with more comprehensive ingredients.
59Swanson Rejuv HGH Vitality Renewal FormulaDropsThis liquid HGH drops supplement contains amino acids, GABA along with Alpha GPC and Mucuna pruriens (natural L-Dopa). This product is NOT homeopathic yet the ingredients are extremely low dosed. (in micrograms). So, this is a neither here or there supplement as it's NOT based on homeopathy and the quantities of ingredients are a fraction of what other amino acids based HGH supplements are offering.


Best Selling HGH stacks for bodybuilding

PowerandBulk recommends HyperGH 14x as the best HGH supplement for bodybuilding. If you are looking for anti-aging, we recommend Genf20 Plus.

Currently, HyperGH 14x is the best legal HGH in the market. Customers looking for Legal anabolic Steroids are also recommended to try it.

For Best legal HGH Bulking stacks we recommend the following:-

1. HyperGH 14x HGH Bulking Stack:-

The following line of legal steroid products will assist you to quickly take your workouts to a totally new level, helping build lean mass, raise stamina, cut, bulk, and more. If you are looking to buy best legal steroids stack, refer to the following guide. Also refer to our comprehensive list of all potent HGH muscle builders (best-sellers).

The ideal Bodybuilding stack includes D-Bal , HyperGH 14X (comes with Alpha GPC spray) and Testofuel.

HyperGH 14X is the best HGH supplement to stack with D-bal (Legal Dbol) and Testofuel is the best testosterone supplement out there to stack with D-BAL. Unfortunately, all three products, are manufactured by different companies, so you don’t get it all on one website. You have to make 3 different orders! But, this is how the world works! Not everyone is expert at everything. Not every company makes the best HGH supplement, not everyone makes the best legal Dianabol and so on.

2 CrazyBulk HGH Bulking Stack :-

There are six different legal steroids in the CRazyBulk’s Ultimate Stack. D-Bal, Trenorol, Clenbutrol, Testo-Max, Decaduro and Anadrole. It can be used for both bulking and cutting which makes it extremely popular amongst bodybuilders.

On a side note, using these HGH body building supplements can have many benefits in other exercise and weightlifting programs. For example, someone who is engaged in a power lifting workout plan will need to develop solid muscle mass in order to increase weight loads. (Power lifting is all about lift strength) Using these products will certainly help increase muscle mass which would have a strong effect on power lifting goals, as demonstrated by several testimonials and user reviews.

About HGH

Nobody can defy the effects of aging. Aging is a natural procedure that all people will go through. As we age, several changes might be associated with this phenomenon. People will gradually decrease their amounts of functioning, their health will eventually decline and in most cases, their skin will undergo deterioration.

These clinical signs of aging are, without doubt, the manifestation of a very complex set of changes which involve, at least in part, the HGH (GH or Growth Hormone). Naturally, this has spurred considerable interest in administering supplemental GH as a “treatment” for aging in humans, and the availability of recombinant human GH has made such studies feasible.

So what does HGH stand for? Those are the initials of Human Growth Hormone, a hormone produced naturally by the anterior pituitary gland. It’s main function is, as the name implies, to help the body grow and repair itself in the natural course of life.

Human growth hormone must be present in every growth and re-generative process that occurs in the body. This hormone is in control of the rapid growth that occurs in children and adolescent. This is the reason why kids whose pituitary gland does not secrete a surplus amount of growth hormone suffer from stunted growth.

This natural chemical is also required for repairing tissues, organs and cells in the human body. Your body has to have a required amount of growth hormone so as to sustain itself efficiently & effectively.

The reason why you had so much stamina and strength when you were in your childhood, adolescent years and 20s was because your body had surplus amounts of HGH in your blood stream. This was also in charge of your pleasant appearance & body shape.

When you exceeded the age of thirty years, your pituitary gland started manufacturing less HGH than it did previously. This drop in human growth hormone production causes some health issues and they include:

  • The desire to have sex less frequently – low or non-existent sex drive
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Loss of energy
  • Weaker bones
  • Regular night sweats and hot flashes
  • Wrinkles, age spots, laugh lines and sagging skin
  • Graying hair
  • And scores of other health issues…

Why use HGH for bodybuilding?

Human growth hormone or HGH has been the talk of bodybuilding and muscle building circles for a number of years now. Research has shown that having high levels of human growth hormone could be beneficial if you’re trying to build muscle particularly as you get older (you produce less HGH as you age). Nevertheless, using human growth hormone by way of injections is a controversial issue as there are a number of side effects involving injecting human growth hormones.

Human growth hormone is found in all of us, it is most widespread when we are children, as it’s required for the fast tissue growth that occurs at this stage in life. HGH likewise plays a role in regulating our metabolism. You should never use HGH as you’re growing as it could be very threatening, after puberty though HGH levels start to decline in the body and continues to do so as we become adults.

This is why bodybuilders see HGH injections as a way to build bigger muscles, as generally their natural HGH levels will have dropped. Nevertheless you will find effective natural approaches to increase the level of HGH in your body.

Growth Hormone’s primary responsibility is typically accepted as generating growth. While it is active in a wide number of other bodily responsibilities this is still the one that comes to mind when the majority mention the hormone. Growth Hormone has been taken advantage of heavily by bodybuilders for years.

A bodybuilder’s routine is necessarily strict. The purpose is always the same: to develop new, lean muscle and decrease the amount of measurable and visible body fat. Taking this into consideration it will seem as if Growth Hormone use for bodybuilders is even more appropriate after browsing through the list of benefits. include:

Increase in lean muscle mass growth, lower levels of body fat, energy levels increase, stamina increases, strengthening, immune system, general endurance is increased

Many bodybuilders have been attracted to Growth Hormone use throughout the years due to this fantastic list of benefits.

Luckily for bodybuilders (and the rest of people as well, really) there are now options that can replace the Growth Hormones injections. These new options come without resulting in any of the side effects. Natural Human Growth Hormone formulas have no known side effects. And they not only provide all of the benefits listed above that attracted bodybuilders to the Growth Hormone treatment in the first place, but a number of additional benefits that make it even more advantageous for an even larger group of people.

When a person’s pituitary gland emits Human Growth Hormone, it causes the liver to then releases IGF-1 which is at its peak during childhood so when the person begins to age, these amounts of HGH rapidly diminishes. After puberty, the amount of muscle cells you possess is what you will have for the duration of your life, the best way to alter the dimensions of the tissue is through either weight training or perhaps using unlawful steroids, hence why right now a lot of athletes are turning to HGH supplements to get a helping hand together with their body builder pursuits.

HGH tends to make your body get rid of fat for power which is why weight lifters can consume a large amount of foods and still preserve the desired fat. During periods in which body builders are ‘off-season’ the muscle they’ve gained won’t be lost due to the fact HGH maintains muscle tissue and growth.

Unlike with steroid drugs, the weight gain with HGH is steady and safe weight increases, unlike with steroid use, where the user may gain water weight too.

HGH supplements buying guide

Questioning the ingredients in hGH products

There are certain things you should know if you are buying HGH pills.

The very first method how these supplements companies get you is that they get “vague” on the information on their supplements. Here are few examples:-

a). They create a hype of the included ingredients in their product.


For example, any hGH product containing amino acids like L-arginine, L-glutamine etc. is definitely good for anti aging and enhancing hGH but it will NEVER have a dramatic effect.

Studies done on the usage of amino acids to increase hGH were done on intravenous “injections” that were several times the doses you receive in pills.

So, the supplement manufacturers create a HYPE around their hGH supplement that it contains such and such amount of amino acids proven to increase hGH.

However, they leave out the fact that amino acids were used via injections to increase hGH and that too in ridiculously huge doses. Such huge doses when taken in oral pill form will produce some nasty sides like nausea, upset stomach, dizziness etc.

So, these supplement manufacturers hit 2 stones with 1 bird by having lesser doses of amino acids in their product. They make their product safe to consume and raise their profit margins in the process.

However, the consumer does not really feel the HGH effect and if there is any effect, it’s mostly placebo effect.

There is one more problem with using amino acids for HGH enhancement that we talk about in amino acids pathway mechanism. (See the list of 7 mechanisms to increase HGH naturally, later in this article)

b). Another way they get you is by including some ingredients on which no established scientific evidence exists regarding its role in increasing hGH.

Some of such ingredients are Schizonepeta (or Japanese Catnip) or Pumpkin Seed etc.

Now these ingredients might be beneficial for general health well being, but when we buy an hGH supplement off the market, we make damn sure that every ingredient in it should have something to do with increasing hGH, that’s why a thorough research on hGH and all those mechanisms by which hGH can be increased naturally was required.

c). Lastly, they sell their products by claiming their supplement is clinically proven to work.

But most consumers might not know the companies are actually promoting the fact that some of the “ingredients” in their supplement have undergone a clinical study and are proven to work.

This is a HUGE difference.

Because, if the product on the whole is working equal or less than a particular ingredient, then either they have lesser quantity of the ingredient OR they are including some fluff ingredients, just for the sake of making a supplement and selling it.

Not all products in the marketplace are worth your money

Natural HGH supplements are a lot safer and more pocket-friendly than synthetic growth hormone shots and they come with lots of beauty & health benefits.

Regular use of these HGH products may assist in making life better for you as you become older. Since HGH is a very essential hormone that your body needs so as to function correctly, raising the quantity of HGH produced and released by your anterior pituitary gland everyday is going to reward you with following beauty and health benefits:

  • Reduced level of bad cholesterols in your blood stream
  • Better body metabolism
  • Better immune system
  • Decreased fats deposits
  • Tremendous increase in stamina level
  • Increase in physical strength
  • More lean muscles
  • Stronger nails
  • Considerable boost in libido and sexual stamina
  • Stronger bones & Improved bone density
  • Your wounds start healing faster
  • Enhanced athletic performance

However, not all products in the marketplace are worth your money. If you are confused by terms like secretagogues, Alpha GPC, amino acids, Glutamine, GABA, Huperzine A etc. it can make things confusing. There are several ingredients used in HGH pills, some of them are more powerful than others.

Besides, these products come in all price ranges, and in different forms like pills, gels, liquid drops etc. and with different brands names and come from around the world. Then they are further categorized as to whether their main purpose is anti-aging benefit or bodybuilding/athletic performance benefit.

This subcategorization of the HGH products market is fairly important. Worry not, we’re here to help you find the right supplement for you, your requirements, your goals, and your wallet.

We tried our hardest to really analyze and push to gain a complete and thorough understanding of the ingredients used in these bodybuilding products.

Some ingredients are there to just to give a temporary HGH surge [study on amino acids] like those containing only amino acids and give you benefit with very one-time limited use, while some of the ingredients provide a dramatic punch with long term use.

Some ingredients increase your HGH levels by multiple mechanisms (more on that later in the article), and most of them effect your endocrine system or help you provide a deep sleep state which is essential to enhancing HGH naturally.

Facts about homeopathic HGH: sprays, drops, gels and patches

Homeopathic HGH is proposed to work through an “energy” imparted by extreme dilutions of HGH; and nanogram-strength HGH providing only one-thousandth the dose of prescription HGH.

Most commercially available homeopathic HGH sprays, drops, gels etc. would have even lesser amounts of real HGH in them.

Homeopathy is a branch of science whereby minute quantities of organic material are introduced into the body to stimulates its natural healing response. While the potential benefits of homeopathic treatment are often dismissed by mainstream medicine, many researchers have produced affirmative results in laboratory tests.

One such study was done by Leon Cass Terry, M.D. and Edmund Chein, M.D. After being injected with small doses of high-frequency HGH for six months, participants showed measurable improvement in levels of strength, healing, flexibility, energy and vitality.

In his book “Feeling Younger With Homeopathic HGH,” Dr. H. A. Davis states, “When growth hormone is combined with homeopathic preparation, the results are truly on the leading edge of anti-aging benefits. People taking the homeopathic growth hormone have noticed the same effects as the molecular (injectable) GH.”

However, contradictory stance by companies is what is causing confusion around the homeopathic HGH, and some experts believe that consumers need to be aware that using the name of “homeopathy” might just be a marketing tactic when it comes to HGH and HGH supplements. Here is a more neutral report on homeopathy.

PS: We are NOT saying Homeopathy is a SCAM. Regardless of whether homeopathy is effective or not, we are saying that some companies could exploit the popularity of homeopathy in marketing their fraudulent products. This is perhaps the reason no renowned homeopathic expert supports any homeopathic HGH on the market.

American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP) kind of disowns any Homeopathic HGH in the market

According to the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP)-

The substance called Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is not an official homeopathic drug, as it is not included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). As such, there are no identity or quality standards for starting material, nor standardized processes for the manufacture of a homeopathic dosage form. Therefor, there are no official safety levels (OTC, Rx, HPN) for “HGH” determined by independent review.

Homeopathic provings for “HGH” do not appear in the medical literature; consequently, clinical use of the substance does not have broad agreement among homeopathic experts.

Homeopathic HGH Dilution: What does HGH 30X mean?

This dilution concept is what triggers the most debate and irks people opposed to homeopathy.

Lets explain.

The letter “X” indicates a 1 to 10 dilution. As per above example the human growth hormone ingredient was succussed and diluted 30 times using a 1 to 10 dilution.

They start at 1X (1 part in 10) and range up to 30X (1 part in 10^30).

1X is usually the starting point for serial dilution. You start with a 1:10 dilution (1X), then dilute that 1:10 again (2X), and again (3X) and so on.

So, each additional X becomes 10 times more dilute than the previous.

At 3X, you’re looking at a one part per 10^3 dilution, ie. 1 in 1000.

At 6X , this is roughly the amount of fluoride in drinking water. So, still at potentially active levels.

At 8X, arsenic would be diluted to the point where it’s reasonably safe for drinking water (10 parts per billion).

24X is about the point where a beaker of the stuff has about a 50/50 chance of having even one molecule of active ingredient….

30X, you can’t know if it even contains HGH.

60X is 8 orders of magnitude above 52X so you would need 100 million universes to dilute something to this concentration!

In the end, you might be buying an over-expensive product – gel, spray or cream that might or might not have HGH in it.

The problem, according to the International Journal of Pharmacotherapy, is that when it comes to homeopathic solutions, “the largest dilution possible that still contains at least one molecule of the original substance is 12C.”

This could present a logistical problem based on the 30X dilution of some homeopathic products.

And “even among smaller dilutions that do contain some molecules of the original substance, there almost certainly aren’t enough to have a meaningful effect on the human body.”

There are many other homeopathic formulations aimed at boosting HGH level, including popular options on marketplaces such as Amazon and Google Shopping, like High-Tech Somatomax ($45), Liddell Homeopathic Vital High Immune ($32), HPTP Pituitary Drops ($21), Vital II Hormone Free Spray ($28), and Clinical Strength Secretagogue Gold – Orange ($45), to name just a few.

Regardless of the formula or the sales price, the fact of the matter is there’s little-to-no double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed clinical evidence on homeopathic HGH products available in the marketplace.

Studies on HGH supplements

Before deciding to buy the various HGH supplements from the market, it’s a good idea to know whether these products have undergone clinical studies.

Although, various scientific studies have definitely confirmed the facts on hGH that it truly is the Master hormone of the body and has the potential to single-handedly eliminate most, if not all the aging symptoms that come with aging.

That’s the reason many of the Hollywood stars are getting into HGH.

It has immense implications in bodybuilding & sports as well and stars like Sylvester Stallone support it.

However, exogenous subcutaneous injection of human recombinant growth hormone is costly and continues to be questionable.

The good news is, research indicates that there are methods that may raise the endogenous manufacturing of growth hormone and thus supply a viable substitute for high-priced hGH injections.

However, very few of the natural HGH products and pills in the market have undergone clinical studies, some of them are our top recommended like Genf20 Plus and HyperGH 14x. Then there are Serovital, 21st century hgh, Problen HGH which have been clinically studied.

But then again, the question is whether all those hGH supplements sold online for bodybuilding or anti aging purposes are even worth investing your money into?

And what about the side effects, and other controversies like HGH causing cancer or acromegaly.

According to our research, many of those side effects are associated with higher doses of hgh injections and according to some medical experts like Dr. John Crissler, this hgh controversy well might even be Big Pharma’s way of keeping people from an affordable, single treatment while it tries to sell you a variety of expensive medication.

Corporate pharmaceutical companies would rather you buy their diverse amounts of drugs for cholesterol, osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, etc. The fact is, though, that these drugs sometimes have quite deadly side effects.

Truth is HGH is an amazingly remarkable substance with a myriad of benefits associated with it.

Moreover, there is an increasing consensus in the medical community regarding the various benefits of HGH which can be safely achieved without side effects, eg. enhanced recovery from injuries , application in sports and bodybuilding, anti-aging etc.


Hope this article has given you an understanding on the different kinds of hGH products and will help you decide which product is right for you.

We hope this article will help you decide on what HGH supplement you want to go for.

At the start of the article, we recommended the Premium top rated HGH pills. These pills are your best options and the top 2 are clinically studied and recommended by doctors as well.

However, these are NOT the only good options available in the market, and there are several products from different companies, which come with various ingredients and serve various purposes.

The aim of this article was to help you figure out for yourself the best options by providing the most useful information on such products and listing most reliable and trust-worthy options, while weeding out the inefficient products or overhyped products marketed with fake reviews.

The good news is that most of these hGH supplements have almost negligible or minimum side effects and some of the ingredients have been used in ancient medical systems for centuries.

However, to avoid all health risks it is best to consult your doctor and tell him the ingredients you are likely to ingest in the form of these supplements.