Why hGH supplements might not work for you?


After doing a comprehensive analysis of the mechanism and ingredients by which we can increase hGH levels, I also came across some crucial points I need to present before anyone interested in HGH supplements.

There are certain scenarios when the HGH supplements might not work that well for you in increasing HGH, or perhaps they might not work at all.

Here I am listing those possible circumstances:-

1). REASON 1 :- If you have LOTS and LOTS of (amount wise and proportion wise) abdominal fat

Cortisol & Belly Fat

Should you be afflicted by those fat stores gathered centrally around the organs of the abdominal region, HGH release will be much more diminished to begin with.

If you are identified as someone who’s carrying LOTS of weight around the belly region, then ingredients in HGH supplements will have a hard time in helping you increase your body’s HGH production.

That is because of a variety of reasons.

First off, the belly fat causes the pituitary gland to decrease hGH production. The belly fat is the hardest to get rid of because it was put there by your system as a “survival” mechanism. Call it “unconscious” mechanism. So, it would be difficult for most people to convince their body system that they don’t need belly fat for their survival.

Also, the belly fat is a sign of chronic stress or high cortisol, which I emphasize upon later in this article.

And moreover, Visceral adiposity (belly fat) is usually a warning sign of both insulin and leptin resistance and, because of this, can be quite challenging to shed completely for good.


If it is because of “insulin” resistance, there is a high chance that ingredients in HGH supplements that work via “insulin pathway” will NOT work effectively.

The greater your ratio of abdominal fat to muscle mass, the more insulin-resistant you probably are.

As you enhance your muscle mass, your insulin requirements will be reduced. Long-term, regular physically demanding and strenuous exercise also decreases insulin resistance.

In my knowledge, it takes approximately a couple weeks of everyday strenuous workouts to come up with a steady, increased level of insulin sensitivity via increased production of glucose transporters in muscle cells.

In addition, the workout must be strenuous and “anaerobic” – not aerobic. There are a couple of reasons behind this:

First, the blood sugar drop during and after continuous anaerobic exercise will be considerably higher than after a similar period of aerobic exercise. So, insulin will be decreased MORE and HGH will be released MORE.

Secondly, for a comprehensive efficient transport of glucose into muscle cells, as muscle strength and bulk develop, “glucose transporters” in these cells will greatly increase in number. Glucose transporters also become more numerous in tissues other than muscle, including the liver.

Glucose transporter (GLUT4) receptors are upregulated by intense exercise.

This increased response rate is synonymous with “insulin sensitivity”.

The advantages of anaerobic exercise extend not just to upgregulation of insulin receptors, but also to sustaining high levels of dopamine “reward” receptors.

A study of exercised rates by McRae et al at University of Texas indicated that physical exercise has a protective effect on D2 dopamine receptors, whilst keeping levels of dopamine (DA) and dopamine metabolite (DOPAC) low.

In other words, intense physical exercise is good for dopamine production in the body.

So, by strenuous anaerobic exercise, you will be hitting two birds with one stone, ie. maximizing the potential of “insulin pathway” and “dopaminergic pathway” of HGH supplements.

Leptin resistance

If your high abdominal FAT is because of “leptin” resistance, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to stick to the various dieting guidelines I have outlined, especially the “management of glucose levels” and “tolerating hunger”.

The good news is, studies have shown that decreasing HGH due to body fat gain is partly reversible with weight loss.

The most effective of those fat loss diets and programs work by actively modulating the levels of hormones insulin or leptin, by adjusting the type of food we eat (low glycemic or low carbohydrate are best), or by modifications of meal size and/or meal times.

Alternately, there are certain effective diet pills that work via multiple mechanisms (appetite suppression along with metabolism enhancement) that can be used to moderate the specific hormones and peptides associated with satiety.

And the last strategy might be learning how to learn and deal with always being somewhat hungry.

Remember “hunger is NOT an emergency”.


IF you have LOTS of abdominal fat, I recommend you to focus on weight loss first, before considering HGH supplements. Consider an effective diet you can stick with (low glycemic or low carbohydrate are best) and combine it with an effective weight loss pill.

The good news is latest work has led to the findings of successful, all-natural strategies to dealing with leptin resistance.

To learn more, see: “Deflating your spare tire for a longer, leaner life- Understanding the risks of leptin resistance” Life Extension, February 2009,58

2). REASON 2 :- If you have extremely HIGH or extremely LOW cortisol

Almost all of us have a high cortisol because of the hectic lifestyle or schedule. HGH supplements can increase HGH and thereby bring cortisol to normal levels.

However, some people have extremely HIGH levels of this “stress hormone”.

As explained earlier, chronic stress causes prolonged exposure to HIGH levels of cortisol, so much so that the entire human body becomes addicted to cortisol.

HGH supplements tend to decrease cortisol via various mechanisms and HGH decreases cortisol too.

If your body has extremely HIGH cortisol levels and is ‘too hooked’ on cortisol, chances are it will NOT like the changes HGH supplements are supposed to bring about, homeostasis will kick in, and the body will try to get back the levels of cortisol it desires and in the process begin decreasing HGH.

The endocrine system is far too complex for us to fully understand. As I said earlier, even the scientists who have researched on it for years don’t understand it fully.

My recommendation would be to first deal with and check what is causing your high cortisol. I still have to do much research on this subject, and you should too.

However, here are few things one needs to explore –

Get a medical checkup and talk to your endocrinologist as to why do you have such HIGH levels of CORTISOL.

– If HIGH cortisol is primarily caused by psychological reasons, Learn the idea of letting go. Taking too much control is an addiction and illusion.

– Latest research reveals that the human brain is flexible and neuroplastic in structure and “Mindfulness meditation” can alter the structure of the brain.

This “neuroplasticity” attribute has huge implication on our mental health both in a good and bad way; if you consistently harbour depressed, pessimistic, paranoid, worrisome and nervous thoughts sad to say you are going to develop and reinforce the parts of brain which allow these unhealthy thoughts.

When we practice mindfulness meditation however we grow the actual physical structures in the human brain associated with sense of being peaceful and eliminating unhappy, angry, anxious and stressful thinking.

What happens if you have too low cortisol?

Well, hGH supplements will further lower cortisol, and this may lead to side effects like fatigue, gastrointestinal problems etc.

The best way to deal with this is to start with lower dosage of HGH supplements.

If you are looking for recommended products, I recommend these two HGH products – Genf20 Plus and HyperGH 14X.