Low Pulley Cable Crossover – Take any two-sided cable set up and drop the pulleys to the floor. Attach a D handle to each side, set the weight relatively light, and grab the handles. With a very slight lean forward, and perhaps a staggered stance for balance, turn your palms toward the ceiling and bring your hands together at the top in front of your face. SQUEEZE! It is very important that you are moving at the shoulder joint and not the elbow. If you are curling the weight, you will not be effectively targeting the upper chest, and may injure your bicep.

Recommended – 5 sets of 20+

These are one of the best exercises to work upper chest. Addressing a weakness in your pectoral development is a sure-fire way to improve physique, but also increase our bench press fast. That being said, this is not an example of a training session. Only one, at most two of, these variations should be done as part of a normal chest workout. Remember to start with basic pressing movement, and then move to flyes, crossovers, and bodyweight movements.