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For those who are serious about getting the best out of lifting are obsessed with Protein and their endocrine system comprising of various hormones like Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone and so on. Consumers can do a quick comparison of top-selling brands of protein supplements, Fat burners, HGH supplements, Testosterone boosters, legal steroids and more.

Without loyal customers like you who purchase and share their unique perspectives on different brands, we would probably be not as successful. We will always remember essential it is to keep our customers happy, so we have made an obligation to offering you the best service and selection in the Industry.

And most notably, we are committed to showcasing real customers’ perspectives on different products so that you don’t have to make compromises when it comes to your health. If you ever find a price lower than ours, tell us about it and we will beat it!

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Many of us are scared of online purchasing. Buying muscle building supplements online is an overwhelming task for the newbie. However if you buy supplements online, it is strongly recommended that you complete your homework by going through the various consumer reviews before placing your order. Also make sure to go through our Editor’s picks which we update from time to time to help you get the best products at best prices possible. For example, take a look at this article on andro supplements or Barry’s Power-Lifting routine & supplements guide.

When you shop supplements through our online supplement store you get superior advantages of attractive discounts. Sometimes the discounts are offered on our partner vendors’ stores. We have that information available on the product page.

PowerandBulk.com is one shopping destination that encompasses huge range of products for men & women. We also offer pure herbal supplements at an unbeatable price. They are highly convenient to use and accomplish you to gain desired results in a short span of time. Though you must have seen many departmental stores flooded with varied types of supplements, but their price is so high that you buy them just once and discontinue its usage after that because they put a heavy load to your pocket.

In addition to this, these stores not necessarily always encompass the product that you look for. Shopkeepers always suggest you to buy substitute of your requirements, but remember, substitutes are always substitutes and can’t cover up the loss of original supplements. 

Bodybuilding supplements aren’t just for bodybuilders – they’re also designed to help powerlifters and anyone participating in sports, running, biking, grip sport and swimming along with anyone lifting weights. But where should you be shopping for your bodybuilding supplements?

Generally speaking, as long as you live in a larger town or a city, you’ll have the choice of department stores, drug stores, chain stores and independent bodybuilding supplement stores. In almost every case, your best bet is to patronize a local independent online supplier, and here’s why…

1) More Knowledgeable Specialist Staff coupled with Consumer reviews – In drug stores, department stores and the like, supplements are one small area of their business. As a result, there’s no pressure for their staff to be experts in fitness, exercise or nutrition, and there’s no strong motivation for them to stay up on the latest research. You’ll usually fare better in a supplements chain store, but they have to hire a lot more staff to cover all their stores and like most retail operations it’s hit and miss as to whether you’ll get a dedicated athlete or a general retail employee serving you.

By contrast, usually only someone dedicated to lifting weights, be they a powerlifter, powerbuilder or bodybuilder, will open a bodybuilding supplements store. Often they’ll be a former or current fitness competitor themselves, or just love the sport. They’ll have a fairly well-rounded knowledge of the purposes and uses of each of the supplements plus usually some anecdotal results from their own nutritional regime experiments and those of their friends.

Couple that with sheer amount of user reviews available on the website, for a particular product or brand.

2) We Carry A Wider Selection Of Supplements – Compare the size of your local store to the shelf space allotted to supplements in your local drug store or department store. No comparison, right? The popular supplement chain store will often have as big an area, but in most cases they’re only allowed to order the products approved of by head office, which can often lead to bigger stocks of fewer products. Your local independent, however, can stock whatever they like and will usually carry everything they get much demand for, leading to a wider selection both of brands and of the myriad of bodybuilding supplements on the market today. As an example, check out how many different pre-workout supplements they offer compared to your local department or drug store. And there are certain categories of products like the legal steroids like Crazy Bulk’s D-Bal, prohormones etc. which just are rare items NOT available in most conventional stores.

3) You’re Helping To Support Your Local Economy – This is true no matter what you purchase, so it’s not just limited to bodybuilding supplements – when you shop with online independent retailers the profits stay in your community. In this age of global corporations and free trade, every little bit helps when you choose to support small businesses.

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