Introduction to Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster

Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster is an all-natural supplement designed to boost your testosterone levels. It uses Ashwagandha, Zinc, LongJack, and other ingredients to stimulate your body to produce more testosterone. Apart from helping you build muscle mass and a leaner body, this supplement is also said to boost your energy and mood during the day. Although it does not contain some of our preferred ingredients for testosterone, some of its ingredients are underdosed.

Iron Brothers is a company founded by two guys who got fed up with paying high prices for poor quality supplements. They decided to provide high-quality supplements at affordable prices. This testosterone booster is mainly aimed at older men who want to gain energy and stamina back that they have lost due to everyday family activities.

Ingredients in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster

Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster may be able to provide some benefits, such as increased libido, energy, and stamina, but it is lacking in providing a real increase in testosterone levels. The formula contains some excellent ingredients like zinc, vitamin D, Ashwagandha, and boron, but they are either underdosed or too highly dosed. Vitamin D, in particular, is extremely important for our health, yet Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster only contains 1,000IU of vitamin D, which is not enough to reap its benefits on testosterone. The other ingredients, like niacin, tribulus, and maca root, are not effective for increasing testosterone levels either. Therefore, it is important to be aware that this testosterone booster does not provide the same benefits as a real testosterone booster.

Ingredients in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster

Goat Weed, also known as Epimedium, was discovered when a herd of goats began to display increased sexual activity after consuming the plant. While it has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and testosterone booster, recent studies have questioned these claims and found a link between Epimedium and increased estrogen levels.

Fenugreek Extract, an ingredient in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster, has been proven to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT, a vital anabolic hormone for men’s health. However, this may lead to hormonal imbalance.

Ashwagandha Extract is an Ayurvedic herb known for its anti-stress effects, which can lower cortisol and help maintain healthier testosterone levels.

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a compound that can lower female sex hormone estrogen, but can also lead to an increase in estrogen levels in some cases. Therefore, supplementing Indole-3-Carbinol instead of DIM may be a better option.

Tongkat Ali, or LongJack, is a libido booster, but has no proven effects on testosterone.

Boron, a trace mineral found in small amounts in apples, raisins and nuts, can boost testosterone when supplemented in doses of 10mg or higher.

Bioperine Black Pepper Extract is a natural bioavailability enhancer, allowing the body to absorb other nutrients more easily.

  1. Epimedium:
  • This article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reviews the traditional use and scientific evidence for epimedium as a natural remedy for various health conditions, including its potential to enhance testosterone levels in men.
  1. Ashwagandha:
  1. Fenugreek:
  1. Boron:



Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster Pros & Cons


  • Decent product blend to naturally and sustainably boost your testosterone levels and libido
  • It contains a few proven testosterone boosters, such as Ashwagandha and Boron etc.
  • A big positive is that it does not contain any proprietary blends
  • It is also relatively affordable at 29.97 per bottle.


  • Some ingredients seem underdosed
  • It also contains an overly high dose of zinc, which may lead to zinc toxicity in the long-term.
  • This product is missing a few core ingredients, so it may not be as effective as other products at raising testosterone.
  • Additionally, while it may be effective in increasing libido, it might not be as effective in actually raising testosterone.

Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster User reviews


1). I purchased this Testosterone Booster a while ago but didn’t start using it immediately. I found the capsules to have a bad odor but they were easy to swallow. I only took two capsules a day instead of the recommended three. It took some time to notice the effects, but I did experience increased energy levels in the afternoon. As a male in my mid-forties, I exercise almost daily and, compared to my thirties, my performance drops significantly when I take a few days off. This product has helped me maintain a higher level of fitness for a longer period of time. Be sure to read the instructions and warnings about cycling this product.

2). I’m 74 years old and regularly do aerobics, weights, and yoga. I’ve been using this product for around a month and have experienced some minor improvements in the gym. The real surprise came in the bedroom. I was already taking ED medications, but they were beginning to fail; the addition of Testosterone Booster has made a huge difference in my and my wife’s pleasure. I plan to continue using it and follow the two-months-on, one-month-off recommendation.

3). I have tried other natural testosterone boosters from other companies and paid more money for a larger quantity, but I still got the same overall drive and feeling from Iron Brothers’ supplement. This product has helped me significantly with strength training over the past month, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone in their forties who needs an extra boost with strength work.

4). I finished the bottle and, to my surprise, I didn’t feel any stronger or have better stamina, and I didn’t experience the usual pump during weightlifting.

5). I have been taking this product for six weeks and have not noticed any changes in my energy levels or sleeping habits. I will give it another six weeks before deciding whether or not to keep using it.

6). My husband has been taking this product every day since we ordered it, but he says it has had no effect. He has taken tribulus terrestris products in the past that he says increased his energy levels, but this product does nothing for him.

Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster Review: The Bottom Line

Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster may be a good choice for those seeking a libido-boost, as it contains several ingredients to help with this. However, it does not contain some proven testosterone-boosters, so it may not be as effective at increasing energy, confidence, mood, and other benefits associated with higher testosterone levels. Additionally, it contains a high dose of zinc, so those who consume a significant amount of zinc through their diet or other supplements should be wary.

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