3). Balancing “warming” and “cooling” neurotransmitters pathways



If you think maintaining a proper work-life balance is crucial, then you might be interested to know how it’s connected with hGH.

You see, humans were made to work during the day and take a deep, restful sleep at night. But, our lifestyle which is now full of chronic stress has caused a diminished balance of the “warming” (being active during day) and “cooling” (resting during night).

In their book Balance Your Brain, Balance Your Life, neurologist, Dr. Jay Lombard and preventative medicine specialist Dr. Christian Renna have given enough scientific proof that our health, energy and happiness are considerably impacted by our very own human brain equilibrium of “warming” and “cooling” neurotransmitters.

Dopamine, noradrenalin (norepinephrine), acetylcholine and glutamate are the major “warming” neurotransmitters (NTs), while serotonin and GABA are the chief “cooling” NTs.

Further these experts observe that “warming” NTs are dominating in the daytime, and the “cooling” alternatives predominate at night.

Studies now confirm that for optimum growth hormone release form the pituitary, the warming and cooling NTs in the body should be balanced.

That’s why when we were kids or teens, many of us lived life with a good balance, good equilibrium of warming/cooling and thereby produced more hGH.

However, with age and as we get into the more “stressful” years of “work”, this balance gets disturbed.

The experts also observed that Dopamine is our primary warming NT.

So, if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, there is a huge chance that you are having a possible warming NT/DA deficiency,

    • – weight gain (especially central body fat, around belly region)


    • – low energy


    • – apathy or feeling of helplessness


    • – difficulty focusing or concentrating while trying to understand or learn


    • – lack of motivation


    • – low testosterone in men


    • – depression


    • – forgetfulness


    • – reduced speed of information processing


    • – low potential of abstract thoughts


    • – decreased interest in things that people otherwise enjoy


Lombard and Renna provide a 150 question self-test questionnaire which can help people assess if they’re likely to be suffering from a warming or cooling NT deficiency.


They also claim that L-dopa supplement taken at breakfast may be a good option to restore neurological balance to the brain. And interestingly, L dopa enhances growth hormone in the body via same dopaminergic pathway, and one mechanism by which this supplement might be so effective in alleviating the above symptoms is the increase in “growth hormone” that comes with it.

A tyrosine supplement does the same job as L dopa, only better, because L dopa has some toxic side effects involved.

Considering that GH release happens mainly at night, making certain very good sleeping practices is absolutely necessary for men and women trying to enhance their natural levels of GH.

However, the fact is that one-third of adults report at least random rounds of insomnia, and about one-third of them are afflicted by sleeping disorders or disrupted sleep on a more persistent schedule, to the level that it consistently hinders day time performance.

For an incredible number of sleepless among us, there might be good news-in the kind of a relatively inexpensive, naturally sourced amino acid known as L-glycine.

Inside the central nervous system, glycine performs as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, actively taking part in a highly essential role of commencing normal patterns of REM sleep. This role of glycine is well documented in this regard.

A large part of GH secretion takes place at night during slow-wave (deep) sleep instead of REM sleep.


It is extensively recorded that insufficient sleep, abnormal sleeping habits, and low quality sleep can considerably hinder GH secretion.

In addition to high-intensity exercise, a crucial all-natural incitement of endogenous GH secretion is sleep.

To enhance sleep further, sustain good sleep hygiene routines: stick to a standard and regular time of going to bed and getting out of bed ; do not are drink alcoholic beverages or caffeine 4-6 hours before going to bed; and keep extra light and sound out of the bedroom.

The sleep hormone “melatonin” is also helpful in improving the pulsatile hGH release.

Interesting point about the pineal gland that releases the sleep hormone “melatonin” is that it is extremely prone to calcification as we grow older. That might be a reason behind the crisis of insomnia.

Another supplement that can help with deep sleep is GABA, another must have ingredient in any hGH supplement.


GABA or gamma-Aminobutyric acid, acts as an inhibitory or “relaxing” transmitter in the mature brain, inducing deep sleep and helping men and women balance the warming/cooling equilibrium.

If you are reading carefully at this point, you must have understood that the “Dopaminergic” and “warming/cooling equilibrium” balance is a powerful combination and regardless of age, it’s going to produce in a pulse of GH.

Balancing dopamine-serotonin (“motivation” and “satisfaction”) is optimal for both the release of melatonin and growth hormone. And melatonin further increases growth hormone.

While taking an hGH supplement, if your warming/cooling equilibrium is reached, you’ll observe:-


    • Energy is increasing, truly observe it in the afternoons


    • Facial skin appears better


    • Much deeper sleep, way deeper. Some people feel groggy for about 30 minutes after wakeup which is fine.


More tips:-

– Get to sleep in completely dark room. Furthermore, just protecting your eyes isn’t sufficient as the epidermis can sense light. Melatonin manufacturing takes place in total darkness.

– At wakeup take a look at sun for 2-3 minutes.

– If at all possible get up at dawn and take a look at sun as it looks on horizon, during those times you can look straight at the sun.

– Should you wake up when sun have risen, look two three fingertips below the sun or right at the sun but with shut down eyelids.

– Regardless of whether it is cloudy or not, still do your best at taking a look at the brightest sky.