4). Inhibition of somatostatin or Cholinergic pathway


Interesting studies propose that the growth hormone-blocker “somatostatin” can by itself be restricted with “choline” based supplements like Phosphatidylcholine or Alpha GPC or CDP-choline, thus delaying the rate at which growth hormone diminishes.

The hypothalamus manages serum GH levels with the release of two functionally opposing hormones: growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) encourages GH release, while somatotropin release-inhibiting hormone decreases it.


The release of growth hormone is limited by somatostatin also referred to as SRIF, somatotropin release inhibiting factor, which occurs in two forms, one of 14 and the other of 28 amino acids, found in the hypothalamus and the digestive tract.

With the onset of aging, GH secretion from your anterior pituitary gland is reduced considerably with each passing year. Enough established data exists confirming the proposition that reduced GH release happens in part from increasing levels of “somatostatin” with aging.

The persuasive analysis indicated that administration of choline supplements to healthy elderly adults led to a spectacular four-fold improvement in serum GH levels, in contrast to baseline values.

Experts debated on why choline supplements increase hGH and one theory that came out and was later supported by more studies was that choline supplements increase “acetylcholine”, a neurotransmitter involved in cognitive functions and having wide spread functions across the body.

This neurotransmitter acts as “somatostatin” blocker or inhibitor and thus increases hGH. You can read more about acetylcholine on wikipedia, if you wish.

Understanding the limiting mechanism of somatostatin: A review from a pro bodybuilder who used GHRH steroids

Increasing hGH release in the body by employing GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone) injections is quite popular among the bodybuilders who seek to enhance their levels of hGH to build muscle mass, gain incredible weight in short amounts and for competing in various bodybuilding events.

However, some pro bodybuilders have observed that even after application of some potent steroidal injections like GHRH, Ghrelin, or CJC-1295 , the hGH did not increase in the body dramatically or as good as they expected.

This again, is because of the increase in “somatostatin”, which increases as soon as hGH increases in the body, and prevents the pituitary form further releasing hGH, thereby evening out the GHRH injection effect.

This proves that even with hGH injections, you need a supplement that can stop or “block” somatostatin. Now, scientific studies and anecdotal experiences state that “acetlycholine” is that magical “somatostatin blocker”.

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Below I present an interesting review from a pro bodybuilder.


When a secretagogue of GH, the kinds of as GHRH, Ghrelin, Hexarelin, or CJC-1295, alerts the GHSR (a region in the brain) it triggers the pituitary to produce HGH, IF, Somatostatin levels are reduced adequately making it possible for it. As soon as a rush of GH is launched, Somatostatin quantities will increase once again, therefore regardless of whether something is triggering the GHSR, it CANNOT alert the discharge of GH because of too high levels of Somatostatin .

Somatostatin is what regulates the negative feedback loop of pituitary GH release.

Right after a rush of GH is launched from a secretagogue irrespective of whether it was natural or artificially stimulated by using supplements or injections, Somatostatin concentrations will increase, blocking additional GH discharge right up to the point when HGH levels reduce, after which the ultra-short feedback systems of the hypothalamus-pituitary-axis (HPA) become active and result in Somatostatin levels to go down.

As soon as somatostatin concentrations reduce adequately, more HGH can be produced. Having said that under normal circumstances of using HGH supplements and injections, there will not be enough secretagogue compounds remaining in the body to result in more GH release once Somatostatin levels reduce.

For the reason that GHRH is also launched in surges, and only lasts 7 minutes upon its circulating release.

However if you are taking CJC-1295 injection (a long lasting hGH secretagogue steroidal injection), or taking an hGH supplement in pills form that you have taken for at least a week, so it has built in your system, these secretagogues will remain in your brain region, so as to continually giving signals to your pituitary gland to produce more hGH.

So what is the apparent limiters of GH release??

Well first, is the time period of GHRH or whatever secretagogue or supplement is signaling the release. It should be built in the system through continuous or regular intake so it’s able to ACT swiftly as soon as “Somatostatin” is reduced.

Whats the other limiter?

Somatostatin. Somatostatin is an inhibitor of GH discharge.

Surprisingly, very few bodybuilders or people interested in hGH supplements that I’ve seen has realized this.

That is, if an individual could slow down Somatostatin levels when using CJC-1295 injection or natural hGH supplements, you’d probably permit the secretagogue to alert a never-ending surge of GH (so long as the body was producing sufficient peptide, and that means you require a high protein diet considering that peptides are produced from amino acids in protein).

Experts might debate if it’s the most healthy or safest thing to increase hGH, but it is so far past the all-natural endocrine function it will contribute to good results nothing you’ve seen prior experienced or even thought possible with HGH of any sort or in whatever way previously accessible. I can attest to this as I’ve been tinkering with this recently.

Presently there is a class of substances called Acetylcholineesterase inhibitors, that inihibit the enzyme acetylcholineesterase, which is accountable for deactivating acetylcholine in the human brain.

Do you know what? Acetylcholine is an extremely effective chemical of Somatostatin.

Consequently Acetylcholineesterase inhibitors are roundabout somatostatin inihibitors, operating by growing acetylcholine levels which in turn hinder somatostatin levels.

There are 3 common acetylcholineesterase inhibitors (that increase acetylcholine in humans), they are;

  • Pyrostigmine (120mg/ed)
  • Galantamine (8-16mg/ed)
  • Huperzine A (50-150mcg/ed)

NOTE: Huperzine A dose is in the MICROgrams NOT MILLIgrams. If you take 50mg of Huperzine A you would DIE. I use Huperzine A myself for this.

The three of the aforementioned are acetylcholineesterase inhibiors and will thus have a similar inhibitory impact on somatostatin.

Begin with a low CJC-1295 dosage and a reduced acetylcholineesterase inhibitor dosage, and find out a good dose primarily dependent on your experiences.

Important considerations from this review

I’ve tried acetylcholineesterase inhibitors like Galantamine and unfortunately they come with some side effects like nausea or insomnia or lucid dreaming.

The next best strategy to increase acetylcholine is to use choline supplements like Alpha GPC or Phosphatidyl Choline which can be used for both anti aging and bodybuilding.

Interestingly, when ghrelin binds to GHSR receptors, it triggers the pituitary to produce HGH. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone that is released during the low blood sugar levels.

This signifies other mechanism by which hGH can be released, insulin pathway, that is maintenance of low glucose levels, and effective glucose transfer and transport throughout the body, and if possible tying fasting, or intermittent fasting.

Growth hormone secretagogue receptor, or ghrelin receptor, is a G protein-coupled receptor that binds ghrelin[1] and plays a role in energy homeostasis and regulation of body weight.

In the brain, they are located in the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus and arcuate nucleus, as well as in ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons projecting to the nucleus accumbens.

I continue to do more exploring of this mechanism, I’m just publishing a few original suggestions. If a man or woman has an elevated level of somatostain, that comes naturally with aging, this strategy may really be helpful.

Usually pituitary functions like this;

1) Endogenous GH secretagogue or such as found in hGH supplements signals pituitary to release HGH, the quantity of GH produced is governed by somatostatin and secretagogue quantity.

2) Pituitary produces HGH creating a ‘surge’, right after, somatostatin concentrations increase therefore making the pituitary less competent or unresponsive to hGH secretagogues,

3) Once the HGH released happens to be consumed , Somatostatin concentrations will minimize once again, and once more secretagogues arrive, a further surge will happen and the process will be repeated.

So by taking a choline supplement (to get acetylcholine) like “Alpha GPC” or “Phosphatidyl Choline”, you can ABSURDLY modify the pituitary response of discharging more HGH by suppressing Somatostatin WHEN THE SECRETAGOGUE IS ALREADY INFLUENCING PITUITARY TO PRODUCE HGH.

Even after the hGH surge, somatostatin can not signal the pituitary to stop hGH release because it’s already blocked by acteylcholine.

This is a highly potent and powerful strategy to increase hGH and that is why I consider “Alpha GPC” and “Phosphatidyl Choline” a MUST have ingredient in any hGH supplement.

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