Best hand grip strength training | How To Strengthen Your Hands And Have A Ferocious Grip

This page serves as a resource for individuals looking to increase their grip strength. Whether ripping a phone book, attempting a max deadlift, or just using a computer for 12 hour days, strong hands are important. Here you will find an overview of all aspects of hand strength development, as well as details on performing a number of grip strength feats. This site has no commercial interest.

Effort is made to present information in an unbiased, factual manner. If you’re going about your strength training workout program and have decided that one element you need to devote some time to improving is your grip strength, then it’s important that you keep a few key rules in mind. Grip strength is something that generally doesn’t develop very well on its own.

So unless you’re consciously performing exercises to help to strengthen your grip, you aren’t going to see the results you’re after. With some hard work, though, and a bit of time, you can realize vast improvements in the grip strength that you have.

With proper grip strength training, your hand-grip strength will improve and this no longer has to be the ‘weakest’ link that you demonstrate, keeping you from lifting as much as possible with all your upper body workout sessions.

A guide to bending nails to increase grip strength

Unbraced short bending Unbraced short bending is the most popular form of bending for grip strength. It consists of bending a short metal bar into a U shape with the hands, without bracing the bar on any other part of the body. This allows for a range of bending styles, including double overhand, double underhand, […]

Hand Health tips and exercises for Stronger Grip Strength

Hand Health Hand health is promoted by performing activities that encourage recovery of the hands and increase resistance to injury. This can shorten time needed between workouts, increase strength gained from training, and reduce down time as a result of injury. There are four key components to hand health: Train Complementary Exercises – When working […]