Many dietary supplement companies have the unfortunate practice of marketing their products as miracle cures that can provide extraordinary benefits for the body.

One of these hormones is the human growth hormone (HGH), which is often claimed to help people feel young again. A common example of this is the “Nugenix GH-Boost”, a supplement that contains amino acids and herbal extracts that are said to increase natural HGH production.

This supplement is currently one of the most popular on the market. However, it is important to note that while it may provide some benefits, it is not a miracle cure and should not be taken as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Checkout our best-sellers in HGH category.

This review will discuss the ingredients in Nugenix GH-Boost and whether the product is safe and effective based on the available scientific studies. It is important to note that this product is most likely not beneficial to those with GHD, but may be of use to healthy adults who are looking to optimize their HGH levels.

What is Nugenix GH-boost?

Nugenix GH-Boost is a berry-flavored dietary supplement that is advertised as an evidence-based product that can increase growth hormone (GH) levels. The manufacturer, Adaptive Health LLC, claims that the increase in GH levels can then lead to several benefits, such as improved physique, sleep, and energy.

However, there is no scientific evidence that Nugenix GH-Boost can actually achieve these results. Instead, the manufacturer claims that there are studies on each individual ingredient, which might indicate that the supplement is effective. Upon closer inspection of the studies, it is clear that many of them are outdated, with small sample sizes and conflicting results.

Nugenix is a dietary supplement which has not been subjected to safety or quality testing by government regulatory bodies such as the FDA, and therefore cannot be approved by them.

Pros and Cons

GH-Boost Pros

  • This product is from a well-known company and has received positive reviews from its users.
  • The label clearly states the ingredients and their dosage, ensuring that it is a safe formulation free from any dangerous hormones or other banned chemicals.
  • It may help to increase HGH production and somewhat balance the endocrine system.

GH-Boost Cons

  • The product is quite expensive, considering it misses out on some HGH boosting ingredients
  • Lacks some HGH boosting ingredients like Deer antler velvet (It does not contain ingredients such as deer antler or colostrum, which may be beneficial for HGH production, nor does it contain an ingredient such as chromium to regulate insulin levels. Chromium can assist the hormone insulin in controlling blood glucose levels, which can reduce the body’s need for insulin and, in turn, increase HGH levels.)
  • Some users have reported side effects including racing heartbeats and tingling in their hands and feet
  • For some people, the cost of purchasing this product is not worth it. (Even if it did increase levels of growth hormone (GH) in a similar manner to injected recombinant HGH, it would still not produce the dramatic results that the manufacturer claims.)
  • Potential side effects, there is no regulation in place to monitor the quality of dietary supplements although the company behind Nugenix brand is well reputed. (Some potential side effects of Nugenix GH-Boost may include headaches, nausea, and dizziness due to individual intolerance to the ingredients. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with using this product before making a purchase.)

Research on GH Boost ingredients

Nugenix GH Boost is a dietary supplement created to help increase growth hormone levels. It contains a blend of eight natural ingredients, intended to improve sleep quality and support the body’s natural production of growth hormone. The supplement is available in powder and stick form, offering a convenient way to take the supplement.

Although there is no scientific evidence that any dietary supplement can increase growth hormone levels, Nugenix GH Boost may help provide some short-term benefits.

However, it should be noted that long-term effects and safety of any dietary supplement are not known.

Nugenix GH Boost HGH supplement is composed of amino acids, as well as a dopamine enhancer and an anti-somatostatin compound called Alpha-GPC.

Mucuna pruriens extract, or cowhage, is a bean-like plant that is known to increase cognitive functions and is used to treat Parkinson’s disease. The extract contains l-dopa, which is typically used to increase dopamine levels.

A-GPC is a compound that works by blocking the somatostatin enzyme and enhancing dopamine levels in order to stimulate the pituitary gland and increase growth hormone.

In addition, the product also contains GABA, Glutamine, Lysine, Arginine and Ornithine, all of which are intended to boost growth hormone levels.

While there has been one study that reports a significant increase in HGH levels when taking a blend of 2250mg of velvet bean daily, Nugenix GH Boost only contains 50mg of velvet bean extract.

Therefore, while Nugenix GH Boost is among our list of top 10 of comprehensive HGH products, there may be better products available.

Ingredients it misses out on:

GH Boost does not contain ingredients such as deer antler, colostrum, or chromium, which are traditionally associated with HGH supplements for men.

However, women are in fact responsible for a large portion of deer antler velvet sales around the world. Women can benefit from using deer antler velvet in a number of ways, such as improving their overall health, increasing their flexibility, and supporting their joint health.

Hormonal imbalance is also commonly treated with deer antler velvet.

Additionally, chromium helps to regulate insulin levels by assisting the hormone insulin in its role of controlling blood glucose levels, which in turn helps to increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels.

GH Boost user reviews

I have been using HGH enhancers for years and noticed a significant drop in my energy levels when I go a few days without taking them. I am 70 years old and still very active, running a hay business, caring for horses and cows, and maintaining a lawn care business. I decided to try Nugenix GH Boost and the results were amazing! I felt better and slept better within the first 24 hours and my energy levels were sustained. My husband, who is 59, also uses Nugenix products, but now he is going to be taking the GH Boost to keep up with my level of activity. This product has really made a difference in my life and I am grateful for the boost it gave me.

I have been tracking my sleep for the past 6 years or more with my Fitbit, and in the last two weeks I have noticed a significant improvement in my sleeping patterns and snoring. This product has helped me to sleep more soundly and, as a result, I have also lost 1lb per week with no changes to my diet or lifestyle. The taste of this product is not great, and one should sip it rather than guzzle it in order to avoid any adverse reactions to the niacin it contains, such as a racing heartbeat, tingling in the hands and feet, and itching of bug bites or red and burning knuckles. This product has proven to be a beneficial investment, as it helps me to sleep and rebuild my body, which is essential for losing weight and feeling better. I’ve tried various other GH boosters over the last 10+ years, but this has been the most effective for me. I give it a 4 out of 5 because the actual GH part of it is difficult to prove, but the restful sleeping and feeling energized the next morning are worth the price.

I would not suggest this product to anyone. It is simply a combination of amino acids and a few other ingredients, however the dosage of these ingredients is very small compared to other similar products. Additionally, it was very expensive and I did not see any results from it. After taking it each night I experienced a tingling sensation on my skin for 45 minutes, which made me feel like I had taken a nitric oxide pill. Taking into consideration the cost, lack of results and strange feeling, I would not recommend this product.

This product has a pleasing taste and a pleasant tingling sensation that helps me relax before I drift off to sleep. It mixes well and has a sweet flavor which makes it enjoyable to take. Taking this product before bedtime has improved my sleep quality and I feel more rested in the morning.

Should people be using HGH supplements for anti-aging?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is believed to have a number of beneficial effects on the body. It is thought to help maintain, build and repair healthy tissue in the brain and other organs, as well as aiding in the healing process after an injury or exercise.

HGH is also said to help improve the quality and appearance of the skin, slowing down the aging process and treating age-related diseases. However, the evidence to back up these claims is limited.

Estrogen therapy has been shown to rapidly stimulate GH production without reducing Sm-C plasma levels, which suggests that the effects of estrogen on growth are direct.

Studies have also found that GH levels differ between men and women until the age of 50, after which they become more similar. After menopause, there is a significant reduction in GH levels in women aged 65, with a decrease of around 80%.

Bottomline on GH Boost

The best way to ensure you get the most out of Nugenix GH-Boost is to prepare for sleep by engaging in physical activity during the day and limiting screen time before bed. It is also important to ensure your sleeping environment is between 60 and 67 degrees for optimal slow-wave sleep.

Since HGH is released during deep sleep, it’s most crucial to ensure quality of sleep while using Nugenix GH Boost.

Research suggests that the ingredients in this supplement, particularly GABA and glycine, have the most support for their roles in improving sleep and boosting HGH. However, it is important to note that studies used much larger doses of glycine than what is found in Nugenix GH-Boost.

The other ingredients in the supplement have weak to mixed evidence for their roles in sleep and HGH production and it misses out on Deer antler velvet, Colostrum and Chromium.