Introduction to 4 Andro

4-Androsterone, often referred to as 4 Andro, is a prohormone that can be used by athletes and bodybuilders to gain muscle mass and strength. It is a legal, non-methylated prohormone that is known for its anabolic properties and its ability to help the body burn fat, build lean muscle, increase strength and power, and enhance recovery time.

Taking 4 Andro can significantly improve physical performance, as it increases muscle tissue, builds strength and power, and converts testosterone in a two-step process. This prohormone is widely used by those looking to increase their muscle mass and strength, as it helps to improve their physical performance and assist with muscle growth.

Legality, Safety and Effectiveness of 4 Andro

Although 4-Andro (4-DHEA) is not considered to be toxic to the liver, it is important to take certain precautions before using it. As there is limited knowledge about the effects of 4 Andro and other prohormones, it is best to consult a doctor before beginning any supplementation program. Furthermore, most of the research done on these substances has been conducted on animals. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution when using these products.

Nevertheless, 4 Andro is one of the few prohormones that are legally available on the market. Certain supplement companies claim that it is absolutely legal. 4 Andro has been created in an FDA-registered facility, with the necessary safety measures and quality control in place

4 Andro vs SARMS

As bodybuilders look for ways to gain muscle mass, SARMs are a popular choice due to their effectiveness and relative safety. However, researchers are now exploring even better alternatives, such as prohormones, which can yield similar results without any side effects.

One example of a prohormone is 4 Androsterone, also known as 4 Andro. This is a non-methylated anabolic prohormone derived from 4-Dehydroepiandrosterone that can be converted into testosterone in the body. This is especially beneficial for individuals over a certain age, as it can help increase testosterone production that naturally decreases with age.

Testosterone plays an essential role in developing muscle mass and certain masculine features. As such, 4 Andro is an ideal legal choice for those looking to gain lean mass with effects similar to steroids.

How Does 4 Andro Work?

4 Andro is a prohormone composed of 4-androstene-3b, 5a-androstanediol, and 17b-diol, which has the potential to increase natural testosterone production. According to clinical trials, supplementing with this compound for 21 days can result in a 52% spike in testosterone levels. It is believed to be more effective than other supplements in this regard.

Additionally, 4 Andro also reduces cortisol levels, which can lead to less fat and water retention. It also suppresses 5-alpha reductase activity, which prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, thus preventing water retention and feminine effects.

Benefits of 4 Andro

  • 4 Andro is a powerful supplement for boosting muscle mass and growth.
  • Its testosterone-boosting properties help to increase protein synthesis and lean muscle mass (5).
  • It also works to reduce water retention and appetite, helping to burn calories more efficiently.
  • In addition, it has been shown to increase strength and endurance, allowing for longer periods of training. Studies suggest that 4 Andro can speed up the recovery and regeneration of body tissues, leading to superior results compared to other fitness supplements.

4 Andro Dosage and Cycling

Using 4 Andro as a supplement is generally safe, but the right dosage should be strictly adhered to. It is suggested to take 100 to 200 mg of the drug divided into two doses, one in the morning and another in the evening or at night.

A cycle of 4 Andro should last between six and eight weeks, after which a period of Post Cycle Therapy should be undertaken to reset the body’s natural hormone levels.

However, it is important to avoid taking the drug for any longer than the recommended cycle, as this could cause permanent changes in the body. It is best to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure that any use of 4 Andro is done in a safe and responsible manner.

Side Effects of 4 Andro

No matter what the makers of 4 Andro say, it is important to remember that any drug may have some side effects. 4 Andro is no exception. It is essential to take the correct dosage and do a post-cycle therapy (PCT) after every cycle.

One of the possible side effects of 4 Andro is gynecomastia in males, which is caused by an increase in estrogen levels. Other reported side effects include high blood pressure, hair loss and acne.

More seriously, 4 Andro can also be toxic to the liver, although this is rare. It is more likely to occur when the drug is taken in large amounts. If you experience worsening symptoms, seek medical help immediately.

4 Andro User Reviews and Experiences

4-Andro has its fair share of mixed reviews, both positive and negative-

I recently began taking Brutal 4ce, which consists of 130 mg 4-andro along with 50 mg of DHEA, and I’m noticing an improvement in my gym performance compared to when I was using DHEA alone. Although it’s only been a month, I’m already feeling the effects.- Review

It has given me an intense pump, slightly increased aggression, and a heightened libido, but I haven’t seen significant muscle growth yet. From my experience, I would not recommend 4-andro as it is a waste of money. – Review

4 Andro Stacks

Combining different types of fitness supplements can be an incredibly beneficial addition to your workout routine. By taking supplements in small doses and allowing them to work together, you can experience the positive effects of their combined synergistic effects. This can help you maximize the potential of your workouts and ensure you are getting the most out of your supplement regimen.

4 Andro + RAD 140

The combination of 4 Andro and RAD 140 is a popular stack among bodybuilders due to its low side effects and efficacy. 4 Andro, a prohormone, helps to build lean muscle mass, increase strength and endurance, and reduce excess fat. RAD 140, also known as Testolone, is reported to be the most powerful SARM available, making it a great addition to this stack. This stack is thought to be able to provide users with great results, helping to take their exercise and fitness goals to the next level.

4 Andro + 1 Andro

Using both 4 Andro and 1 Andro can be a great way to increase muscle mass and endurance for bodybuilders. 4 Andro does have the potential to convert to estrogen, which can lead to unwanted feminine features and water retention. 1 Andro, however, does not convert to estrogen, which means that users can avoid these side effects. Read more on Andro stacks.

By combining the two prohormones, bodybuilders can amplify the effects of their workouts and dieting. Doing so can help them to achieve their desired results quicker and more effectively. It is important to remember, however, that a balanced diet and regular exercise are still necessary for the best results.

4 Andro vs. 1 Andro : Which is better?

Both of these prohormones can be used to help build muscle mass, but they vary in other aspects. 4 Andro is less likely to cause hair loss, liver damage, exhaustion, or joint discomfort than 1 Andro. Additionally, 1 Andro is more effective in burning fat and increasing strength, but it has more potential of side effects. Therefore, 4 Andro is often a better option for those who are looking for muscle building benefits with minimal side effects.

Is 4 Andro Legit?

4 Andro is a great choice for anyone looking to build muscle, increase energy levels and reduce their weight. It has many advantages that outweigh any potential side effects, making it a worthwhile option. Not to mention, it is easily accessible from reliable sources such as Steel Supplements, Pure Rawz etc. and does not have any legal restrictions. Furthermore, you can read customer reviews to decide for yourself if it is the right option for you. All in all, 4 Andro is a great choice and will not disappoint!

Does 4 Andro need PCT?

Yes! After taking 4 Andro for a cycle, it is recommended that you take a break for 2 to 4 weeks and go through Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). PCT is important to give your body the time to reset and balance its hormones. During PCT, your body will have the opportunity to recover, allowing it to return to a healthy and natural status before you start using the Prohormone again.

What is the safest Prohormone?

It is strongly advised to utilize non-methylated prohormones for maximum safety. An example of such a prohormone is 4 Andro, which is a non-methylated product. This type of prohormone is considered to be a much safer option than its methylated counterparts. By choosing a non-methylated prohormone, users can rest assured that they are taking a product that has far less potential for side effects.

Do prohormones shut you down?

Prohormones have the potential to interfere with the body’s natural hormone production. As a result, it is recommended to use a post-cycle therapy (PCT) to help restore the body to its pre-supplementation state. PCT helps to balance the hormones that were affected by the prohormone, allowing the body to resume its normal hormone production.