How the Master Hormone Works Its ‘Magic’ ?


Why HGH Will Surpass Any Other Anti-Aging Treatment

The cells of the human body are essentially pawns of DNA, which is located right in each cell nucleus. DNA is the genetic design of a person; and controls the entirety of proteins, enzymes, and hormones that power the cells to function correctly.

DNA is constantly exposed to various attacks from body heat, UV light, oxygen-free radicals, etc. Though it has the capabilities to repair itself of any damages caused by these entities, this ability begins to degrade heavily as a person ages. While the DNA slowly loses the power to defend itself, the growing damage will gather within the body’s mitochondria – the organelle that powers all the cells in your body.

Until recent times, the general consensus was that the damage to one’s DNA could be restrained with intakes of antioxidant-filled supplements such as Vitamin C or E. However, it’s been concluded more recently that growth hormones and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) will surpass the abilities of any antioxidant in terms of DNA preservation.

The DNA requires nucleic acids to rejuvenate itself. These acids will repair the damage the DNA has experiences, and will also aid cell division. Growth hormones play an important role in this process, as it stimulates the transport of both amino and nucleic acids into the cytoplasm of a cell. This means that not only does the GH and IGF-1 restrict damage to the DNA and cell structure, but will also help rejuvenate it to a healthier status. Due to these abilities, many people consider these two hormones to be anti-aging miracles.

Research establishments are constantly searching for innovative solutions that will help the human kind live longer and more blithely. Modern medicine seeks to find solutions to problems like AIDS, age-related illnesses, etc. on a daily basis. The basic principle of all this research is to provide people with fulfilling, long lives – not immortal ones.

Current users of HGH (human growth hormone) experience great results already. These are people who want to wake up every morning and feel as though they can swiftly go about their days without it feeling like one big chore. Taking the growth hormone allows them the energy of being ten to twenty years younger.

As of now, there’s plenty of evidence that serves as a sure indication of the growth hormone’s impact on aging. In fact, it will highly reduce the chances of premature death by disease, allowing you to live much longer than you might anticipate. There’s also an assumption that GH helps maintain a healthy thymus in the human body, asserting that those who take it will be free from various diseases in the future.

Since the use of growth hormones is fairly recent, how can you possibly be sure that this treatment option will definitely lengthen the average human life span? The answer is quite simple – it’s certain because scientists understand exactly what hormone replacement does.

This is evident in similar treatment methods as well. In another study, it’s been found that postmenopausal women who take estrogen replacement hormones have gained longevity in their life spans, and have also diminished their progression of cardiac problems.

The research shows that antioxidants, which were originally believed to be the best source of anti-aging therapy, merely adds maybe ten years on a person’s lifespan. However, GH and IGF-1, along with other hormone replacement treatments, may add up to thirty years.

Medicines and supplements all aim to achieve a solution to a problem. When you take diet pills, you expect to lose fat; when you take antidepressants, you expect them to elevate your mood somewhat; and when you take sleeping pills, you want to be able to sleep the entire night in peace.

Growth hormone, will help achieve all of that and even more. Unlike other supplements that seek to solve a single issue, GH will go beyond its responsibility and completely revitalize your body. If this doesn’t convince you, just consider all of the testimonies that appreciative people have written after they’ve experienced the wonders the growth hormone provides to them.