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TestoFuel is a testosterone-boosting muscle builder that is made of all-natural ingredients. This product is manufactured by Peak Health Labs, Inc. and is packaged in 120 capsule bottles – a one-month supply.

TestoFuel enhances many of the male body’s working mechanisms, including the metabolism, protein synthesis and testosterone production as well as increasing the breakdown of fat, improving the mood, and increasing energy.

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TestoFuel is manufactured from natural ingredients that include Fenugreek, D-Aspartic Acid, Ginseng, Oyster Extract, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium.

Each of these ingredients triggers natural body and brain reactions that in turn trigger an increase in the production of testosterone, absorption of protein nutrients, reduction of the hormone estrogen, breakdown of fats, and reduction of the stress hormone.

D-Aspartic Acid (an amino acid), Vitamin D, Ginseng, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin K2 all boost the body’s natural production of testosterone.

Oyster Extract, which is highly rich in Zinc, prevents the conversion of the already produced testosterone into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme. Zinc and Magnesium increase the digestion of foods and absorption of food nutrients by the body, in effect increasing muscle build up.

User reviews

It’s rare that I get the opportunity to say this, but testofuel is a t booster than does work. I used it for the full 4 month course and have to say i was blown away. It seems to have solid reviews here and across the web, so it was a no brainer to purchase it. It took about 3 months before the benefits really started to kick in but when they did, i noticed huge improvements. I found it much easier to put on muscle, my energy levels make me feel 10 years younger and i’ve even noticed the difference in the sack! It loses a star just because there’s no such thing as a perfect t booster, but this is as close as you’ll ever get.

I bought testofuel via an email offer i received and have to say i was a bit sceptical on some of the claims. The product said that it can help you build muscle mass by increasing the amount of testosterone in your system. I wasn’t sure that an ‘over the counter’ type product would do this, but I have to say I am impressed. I have been using for 2 months and while it’s early days, i have noticed bigger improvements than I have through training alone. I’m 45 and my mood has increased too. I have gained a few cms on my legs, chest and arms. I’ll definitely be taking it for the near future and would recommend if you’ve hit the wall when it comes to gaining.

Given the lack of efficacy and poor value for the price, this is not a product I would recommend. It did not give me significant benefits that would be indicative of increased test levels and falls short overall in every category. Your better off investing in bulk DAA or perhaps stand alone tongkat Ali or ashwagandha. WARMACHINE OUT!!! GO PATS!!!

Other useful information

Working out, over eating, taking supplements and taking steroids can help people build muscles, build and maintain physical energy, as well as increase libido. However, these programs and products, almost always, cost a fortune, work slowly and are exhausting.

TestoFuel beats most other testosterone boosters in numerous ways, except the Andro prohormones.

  • One of the best supplements for naturally boosting testosterone
  • Tremendous muscle-building supplement
  • Great as a fat burner
  • Increases libido in men
  • By being exclusively available online eliminates middleman
  • Good value for money compared to other testosterone boosters
  • Iron clad 90-day money back guarantee


  • TestoFuel can only be purchased online which can pose some limitations to people who’d rather buy it locally
  • There are other potent T boosters called Andro prhormones, in the marketplace, (but they are NOT natural like Testofuel).


TestoFuel definitely seems to live up to its name, providing a natural and generally safe way of fueling your testosterone levels without having to prematurely resort to the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

The thing that we think speaks most to the overall quality of TestoFuel is its range of ingredients, all of which are proven to provide some kind of benefit linked to testosterone or luteinizing hormone production and regulation.

User reviews and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive, with reports of increased strength, enhanced recovery, and an overall improvement in body composition.

This comes as no surprise after looking at the list of ingredients in TestoFuel.

Having to take one pill four times a day is hardly the most convenient way of having to take a supplement, but for those of us who are serious about improving our physiques and performance are probably already using different supplements with timed doses throughout the day.


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