An industry is normally defined as a group of companies with similar products or services. However, the biotechnology industry refers to those companies using advanced biological techniques to make a wide range of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, agricultural, chemical, environmental, and other products. Although biological processes have been used for over a thousand years to produce items like bread, wine and cheese, it was the scientific breakthroughs of 15 to 20 years ago that dramatically increased our ability to make new and better products. These advances gave birth to the biotechnology industry. Today, the U.S. leads the world with technical innovation and the new company formation in this emerging industry.

During the decade of the 1980’s, Oregon began to recognize the role biotechnology could play in its economic development. The Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology was established at Oregon State University. Other institutions around the state also began biotechnology programs and over 20 biotechnology companies began operations.

OBA was formed in 1990 to promote the economic development of biotechnology in the state. OBA provides a continuing forum in which government agencies, business, and academia can work together to address the long term development issues facing biotechnology. The association accomplishes these goals by two means: first, by providing a range of programs and other services to its members, and, second, by organizing and leading the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biotechnology Development in Oregon. The strategic plan:

  • identifies and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of biotechnology activity in Oregon,
  • determines the opportunities, barriers, and competitive factors for company development,
  • establishes specific recommendations to ensure the growth of the industry in Oregon, and
  • lays out the most cost-effective pathway to achieve these goals.

Advisory Board works very closely with partnering industry associations, its industry subgroups (e.g. human resource professionals, facility and health/safety managers, regulatory and clinical affairs professionals, etc.), and their member firms. also works closely with a formal advisory board comprised of individuals from industry, industry associations and educational community.

Advisory Board Members:

Rob Arnold, Executive Director

Doug Getter, Executive Director
Iowa Biotechnology Association

Thomas Kowalski, President
Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute

Erik D. Laursen, Senior Director, Manufacturing
NeoRx Corporation

Janice M. LeCocq, Partner
Collins Mabry & Co., L.L.C.

Brian Moss, President
Utah Life Association

J. Thomas Ranken, CEO
Vizx Labs, LLC

Ruth Martens Scott, President
Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association

Lenny Van Pelt, Founder and Attorney-At-Law
International Patient Advocacy Association Health & Safety Training

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Latest Orergon-BioScience Event on BioScience & Research Chemicals

Morning Keynote Address:
Thomas G. Zimmerman, an inventor and educator, exploring the frontiers of human-computer interaction will present the evolution of IBM Life Sciences research and development, reflecting the needs of both commercial and non-profit bioscience organizations.

Luncheon Keynote Address:
Blair Childs, Executive Vice President of AdvaMed speaking on the commercial opportunities and regulatory hurdles related to application of information technology to healthcare systems and processes in Oregon.

Panel I: Enabling the Digitization of Healthcare
As a follow on to the Digital Healthcare Summit, held March 31 – April 1, this discussion will report on findings, next steps and obstacles on the path toward digitization of patient records and other elements of the healthcare system.

Panel II: The Business of Biotech: Today’s Environment
This panel will discuss the variables that support or obstruct business success for members of the bioscience industry in Oregon. Discussion points will include requirements for start-ups, financing trends, demographics and the impact of the national business climate.

Panel III: From Science to Sales: Bridging Oregon’s Research and Innovation Resources to Commercial Opportunity
Panelists will showcase some of Oregon’s best innovation resources, Oregon Nanoscience and Micortechnologies Institute OHSU, the University of Oregon’s Iconic Grid project and more. Translation of these resources into commercial opportunity will be a focus of the panel.

Panel IV: Company Showcase
Companies from several “bioscience hotbeds” of Oregon – Bend, Eugene and Portland – will present their technologies, which will provide six examples of leading edge technologies that draw multiple bioscience and digital technology disciplines.


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