As a long-time fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder, I’ve experimented with a variety of supplements, and my venture into 1-andro, specifically with STEEL, has truly impressed me. If you’re considering this supplement, let me walk you through my personal experience and what you might expect.

Understanding the Basics of Andro

First off, it’s important to grasp that our bodies produce two main types of testosterone. The standard type is what gives us our masculine traits, while 1-testosterone plays a key role in building and maintaining muscle.

1-andro is unique because it converts specifically into 1-testosterone, which is significantly more anabolic.

This conversion is crucial because it means you can achieve substantial muscle gains with less risk of the testosterone suppression often associated with other prohormones or steroids.

Why This Matters to You

If you’re looking for serious muscle gains without the harsh side effects typically linked to steroids, 1-andro could be your go-to. This selectivity is what helps you focus on muscle building effectively.

My Initial Skepticism and Subsequent Results

I won’t lie; I started my 1-andro cycle with a healthy dose of skepticism. Amid all the mixed reviews and overwhelming information, it’s tough to set expectations. But once I committed, the results slowly began to unfold. Within the first two weeks at the advised 130mg daily dosage, split between two servings, I noted quicker recovery times and less fatigue during workouts.

This subtle improvement was just the beginning.

Noticeable Physical Changes

As the cycle progressed, the real changes started to show. My muscles looked fuller and more defined. I could push extra reps, and the pump during workouts was nothing short of incredible. Observing growth in areas like my traps, lats, and upper chest was genuinely exciting.

Handling the Side Effects

You might wonder about the downsides. Thankfully, I experienced minimal negative effects. My libido stayed steady, and issues like acne or oily skin, often side effects of similar supplements, were non-existent for me. I did notice some dryness in my lips, likely due to the compound’s dehydrating effects, but increasing my water intake easily managed that.

My 8-Week Journey with STEEL 1-Andro: What to Expect

Here’s a detailed breakdown of my experiences, which could guide you if you’re considering this path.

Initial Weeks (1-4): Rapid Changes and Increased Vitality

  • Improved Recovery Between Workouts: Early on, I noticed a quicker bounce-back after strenuous sessions. This likely results from the enhanced protein synthesis capabilities of 1-testosterone, helping muscles repair faster.
  • Increased Muscle Pumps and Vascularity: The visible increase in muscle fullness and vein prominence can be attributed to the improved blood flow and muscle hydration, which is a direct effect of the anabolic environment 1-Andro helps create.
  • Slight Increase in Lean Muscle Mass (5-8 lbs): Gaining this amount of muscle in just a few weeks is indicative of 1-Andro’s potent anabolic actions, which directly contribute to lean muscle synthesis.
  • Strength Gains on Key Lifts (2-5% Increase): These initial strength gains are typically due to improved muscle efficiency and neural drive, which are enhanced by the anabolic properties of the supplement.

Mid to Late Cycle (Weeks 5-8): Deepening Effects and Endurance

  • Continued Muscle Growth and Strength Gains: As the body adapts to consistent 1-Andro levels, muscle fibers continue to thicken and strengthen, reflecting ongoing anabolic activity.
  • More Pronounced Increase in Muscle Definition and Vascularity: With continued use, muscle definition becomes more distinct due to further reductions in subcutaneous water and fat, enhancing the ‘shredded’ look.
  • Potential for an Additional 5-10 lbs of Lean Muscle Mass: Additional muscle gains in the latter half of the cycle emphasize 1-Andro’s effectiveness in sustaining an anabolic state over time.
  • Improved Overall Athletic Performance and Endurance: Enhanced endurance and performance are likely due to better muscle energy utilization and cardiovascular adaptations.

Day-to-Day Insights and Final Thoughts

  • Day 1 to Week 1: It started slow, with no significant changes initially. Increased thirst noted by Day 7 suggests a taxing effect on the kidneys, necessitating higher water intake.
  • Week 2 to 4: Visible changes like leaner abdomen and increased strength in key lifts such as squats indicate the compound’s effectiveness in fat reduction and muscle endurance.
  • Week 5 to Cycle End: Notable improvements in body composition, including fat loss and muscle gains. Increased vascularity and muscle fullness became evident, particularly in the upper body and legs.
  • Post-Cycle: Finishing the cycle, I retained the muscle and strength gains with minimal side effects, apart from dry lips, which underscore the deydration effect of 1-Andro.

A Caution on Strength Gains

The strength gains were rapid, which was thrilling but also required caution. It’s vital to remember that while muscles adapt quickly, tendons and connective tissues do not. I learned the hard way by tweaking my pec from lifting too heavy too soon.

So, if you’re starting on 1-andro, consider focusing more on increasing reps rather than the weight to avoid similar injuries.

Following the Cycle Protocol

I adhered strictly to the STEEL’s recommended cycle of 130mg per day, complemented by their Rested-AF and ADAbolic supplements for enhanced recovery and well-being. Over an 8-week cycle, I gained about 12 pounds of lean muscle—an impressive feat since I wasn’t actively trying to bulk up.

Post-Cycle Impressions

Post-cycle, my strength continued to rise, achieving personal bests in squats and bench presses. The muscle definition and vascularity I achieved turned heads at the gym, a testament to the effectiveness of 1-andro.


Final Thoughts for Potential Users

If you’re contemplating 1-andro, take it from someone who’s been through the cycle: the results can be profound, but they demand respect for the process.

Monitor your body’s response, stay hydrated, and increase weights judiciously. With the right approach, 1-andro can significantly enhance your strength and physique, just as it did for me.

Here’s my advice: Start with a lower dose to gauge your body’s response. Monitor closely for any side effects and adjust your regimen accordingly.

I can say my experience with Androstenedione has been overwhelmingly positive, offering a substantial boost in my physique and performance capabilities without the severe side effects associated with stronger anabolic agents.

This journey has not only pushed my physical limits but also proved a valuable addition to my fitness regimen.

Ensure you’re prepared with a proper post-cycle therapy (PCT) to help your body return to normal hormonal balance.

Remember, consistency with your diet and training is crucial for seeing the benefits of any supplement, especially one as potent as 1-Andro.


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