If you’ve read the HGH Factor review on this site, you know already my issues with the ingredients in the product. The best HGH product would be one which influences the body’s hormonal mechanisms via several pathways with diverse ingredients.

Xanogen is marketed as an all natural “male enhancer” to increase penis size and to help sexual dysfunction in men and often marketed along with HGH Factor; it also supposedly has no side effects.

Xanogen claims to give men stronger, firmer and longer lasting erection that last for a long time. It also alleges to supercharge the male sexual libido within hours of use. On paper, it seems like a everything a man suffering from sexual dysfunction may need.

Since male enhancement scams are all the rage these days, the question remains – is Xanogen the real thing? Or, is it one of those rip offs you should beware of.


To find out whether this product works or otherwise, we have to look at its list of ingredients.

Xanogen’s ingredients are a nice combination of potent herbs such as Epimedium, which is also called Horny goat weed, Tribulus, L-arginine, Muira puama, catuaba and tongkat ali.

Tribulus and Tongkat ali increase production of testosterone in our body so, that’s good. The maca increases stamina, L-arginine and tongkat ali is highly effective against battling E.D.

Other herbs such as catuaba, muira puama and damaina act as aphrodisiac and help improve sex drive and testosterone levels in our body. Xanogen should work like a dream.

However…Is it Worth It?

Right off the bat, Xanogen is higher in price than any other male enhancement products, which tends to turn consumers away. However, they do offer a 60-day money back guarantee if the product does not work for you.

However, Read the ins and outs of the money back guarantee thoroughly so you understand the policy. There seem to be problems with refunding the product , based on online user reviews of the product.

The product itself is worth the price considering the benefits that it has to offer, despite the higher price tag for a month’s supply, particularly say if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is good. Is it too good to be true, though?

Cons of Xanogen

– The pills are not enteric coated which dramatically reduces the effectiveness as the ingredients are not fully absorbed into the system.

– Not many positive consumer reviews can be found online

– Does not contain Shilajit, a rare Himalayan compound with incredible male enhancement benefits

– Does not contain Panax or Korean ginseng

– No clinical study done on its “male enhancement” properties while there are other products having better combination of ingredients and also clinically proven to work

Is Xanogen associated in anyway with male enhancement SCAMS – Beware of the Male enhancement Pills SCAMS!

Usually credit card scams, they are operated from outside the United States. Usually you will have companies offering you a free bottle to get you started on making your penis bigger – You just pay the $5 for the shipping.

Brilliant deal, huh? Not so much.

You are basically handing over your credit card number and then they start billing you for anything and everything! These scams are operated out of countries like Cyprus, Russia, Cameroon, and other far away locations so money back is never really guaranteed.

The rule of thumb; almost every Free Trial is a SCAM.

All the sites run by an unnamed “Porn Star” are most definitely scams. Porn Stars would never choose to hide their faces from anything. Some are actually run out of America and Canada but most of the time though these operations are offshore so the FBI can’t get them.

Bottom Line : Don’t Fall for the free trial offers

Every porn site displays those ads offering to make your penis bigger. Video promotions titled Jack and His Magic Beans or One dumb trick and the like can be viewed online which the scammers use to trick people.

It’s a fairytale guys, just like the story Jack and the Beanstalk. It will offer you a FREE Trial of pills but in reality is just a credit card scam.

To wrap it up, it seems that the Canadian conmen are behind this product – Xanogen. If you have ever seen the website 3inchesin3weeks.com you have seen the heart of this scam.


It has a poorly edited video meant to trick you into thinking you can grow your penis 3 inches in 3 weeks using Xanogen. All the while, it is really just a credit card scam.

There also seem to be numerous horror stories about Xanogen, from guys who have been charged several times for this scam to those who cannot get their money back.

With all this shady marketing and poor reviews and customer complaints, we can conclude Xanogen is most probably a scam, no matter how good it looks on print. Avoid it, keep your wallet healthy.

Another reason, it might be a scam is that it is produced by the same company behind HGH Factor.

Can HGH increase penis size?


While several benefits of HGH have been clinically proven, the “effect” on penis size can be a topic of huge debate mainly because there are no scientific studies done on it except a few like this one which was done on young boys with growth hormone deficiency.

Besides, there are some anecdotal evidence from the bodybuilding community who have seen penile enlargement as a result of HGH injections use.

However, the safety of HGH injections is of great concern and natural HGH supplements along with male enhancement products like Vigrx Plus seem to be better options to increase HGH, testosterone and dopamine in the body collectively and comprehensively.

The “amino acids” and other ingredients in these two products should also work to enhance nitric oxide and balance the dopamine-serotonin neurotransmitters.

There are other reasons to believe that this combination should work. Clinically depressed people with low levels of dopamine often see a shrinkage in penis size which seems to stop if they take a dopamine enhancer like L-dopa or mucuna pruriens or acetylcholine.

Here is another article on benefits of acetylcholine in sex. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that helps brain function and also facilitates erectile function, leading to stronger and harder erections.

Just ensure you take only clinically proven HGH and male enhancement supplement.