Hello and Welcome. This is Bruce, a bodybuilder and a blogger and this post of mine on PowerandBulk is about sharing how HGH can help in bodybuilding, strength gains and my personal experiences.

Here are main points that I talk about here on this site:-

  • 1. The main advantageous and best bodybuilding benefit of Human Growth hormone
  • 2. How to use intermittent fasting and supplements to gain the HGH advantage
  • 3. How HGH really works for muscle growth? The mechanism
  • 4. HGH injections vs HGH supplements
  • 5. HGH supplements reviews
  • 6. Why HyperGH 14X HGH supplement stimulates the seven mechanisms by which HGH can be released.

1. The main advantageous bodybuilding benefit of Human Growth hormone

If you know a thing or two about HGH and how it enhances the results of bodybuilding or if you’ve used HGH injections in the past, you might be knowing that the main benefit of HGH is development of lean , chiseled muscular look of the body. HGH helps muscle growth while cutting off the body fat dramatically. (Although the safety of HGH injections still remains debatable. [1])

So, what steps can you take to enhance the normal prduction of growth hormone in the body.

Here is how I experimented with manipulation of my HGH levels:-

  • I took a low calorie dinner, at around 7
  • I did strenuous HIIT and resistance training workouts 2 hours after dinner (I did squats, chest and arms). Some experts recommend sprinting.
  • I slept around one hour after that WITHOUT taking any protein supplement

This might look odd but to me it was the best HGH enhancement I could ever achieve. I’ll explain why this works.

The low calorie dinner works by causing low levels of insulin in the body which thereby effectually increase the natural production of HGH during sleep. Learn more how insulin and HGH are connected.

The strenuous workouts 2 hours after dinner caused the insulin and glucose levels to get even more LOW.

Under times of low calories, if you do heavy workout, your liver releases great amounts of IGF-1, more on that below. Here is a link how HGH and IGF-1 work together.

This created perfect atmosphere in my body to induce the HGH and IGF-1’s growth mechanism and I sleep without taking any protein supplement.

Some people might ridicule this approach, but studies show, that “exercising on an empty stomach” and sleeping after it without taking any meal or supplement is a strategy that can be helpful in triggering that “survival” mechanism of the body which “preserves” and “protects” your active muscles from wasting itself.

According to PeakFitness by

if you don’t have sufficient fuel in your system when you exercise, you’re going to break down other tissues but not the active muscle, i.e. the muscle being exercised.

So, essentially your body will be cutting off fat, and building and preserving muscle at the same time.

And how does your body do that?

By enhancing HGH naturally in the body during sleep, which as said earlier cuts body fat and induces muscle growth.

Taking a post-workout supplement would nullify the effect of high HGH enhancement that you naturally achieve during sleep without side effects.

When I wake up in the morning, I again consume low calorie but high protein breakfast. [2, 3]

2. How to use intermittent fasting and supplements to gain the HGH advantage

You can learn more about intermittent fasting and its relationship with HGH on PeakFitness site.

However, there is one HGH supplement called HyperGH 14X which naturally increases Growth hormone dramatically in the body, that can be taken during breakfast, with the above strategy. This supplement triggers the body’s seven mechanisms of increasing HGH production.

You can read HyperGH 14X review here.

3. How HGH really works for muscle growth? The mechanism

Though GH used to be only injectable, now it is offered in more intricate ways. The most common method of administering HGH boosters are through sub-lingual sprays and HGH secretagogue pills these days. Amidst the various forms of GH supplements available today, the question is whether they are indeed advantageous to bodybuilders.

In order to address this question, one must examine the various results of what exactly HGH does for your body.

HGH (human growth hormone) maintains your body’s levels of insulin, amino acid transport, protein synthesis, and fat tissue.

These are all vital bodily processes that all bodybuilders require.

GH supplement users claim that they achieve a lot more strength and energy, higher libido, and better cardiac activity. They may also obtain lowered blood pressure, better cholesterol levels, and enhanced immune system functions.

Interestingly, a good and efficient immune system is also good for sex appeal.

Other ways people will benefit are improved sleep cycles, quickened recovery times, and faster muscle revitalization. Due to all these advantages, bodybuilders may benefit quite a bit when using GH supplementation.

However, the best hgh supplementation would be one that contains ingredients that influence the body’s seven mechanisms of HGH production for enhanced muscle growth.

Bodybuilders Who Use HGH

Above all other hormone replacement therapies, HGH treatment has garnered the most popularity among bodybuilders due to its various benefits. Some statistics state that up to 80 percent of pro bodybuilders and professional athletes have tried or regularly use GH supplements while weight training.

Most bodybuilders take GH supplements with the goal of increasing their strength, endurance, lean muscle mass, and weight loss; while professional athletes utilize it because they understand that it will not show up in urine tests.

Background of HGH

Human growth hormone is known by a number of names – HGH, somatotropin, GH, and rHGH. It is made in the pituitary gland and is mainly made up of 191 amino acid chains. In the early years of one’s life, HGH mainly works to grow bones, muscles, and bodily tissues.

Therefore, a deficiency in this hormone at an early age would cause you to remain small and dwarf-like.

On the other hand, too much at an early age would cause you to grow too large and may cause growth deformities like this one.

Once you are done growing, HGH stays in your body to maintain your muscle mass, improve your immune system, and keep your metabolic functions lively. The latter thus helps fat metabolism, improves physique, and repairs your skin and tissues.

How Does HGH Build Muscle Mass?

There are two main theories of how this hormone activates muscle growth.

1) Dual Effector Theory

2) Somatomedin Hypothesis

Dual Effector Theory

This theory claims that GH has direct impacts on your body tissues, especially when it is injected into your growth plates.

When researchers injected GH into mice, they found that mice with more GH would be larger than those with more IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1). Know more about IGF-1 here.

When IGF-1 antiserum (it destroys IGF-1) is combined with GH, it seems that all the growth effects are depleted. This suggests that IGF-1 probably activates somewhere between muscle tissue and the pituitary gland.

Somatomedin Hypothesis

This theory claims that GH is effective through the accompaniment of IGF-1. GH will be released by the pituitary gland, then go through the liver and peripheral tissues. This process creates IGF-1 and helps release it.

IGF-1 travels within your blood to the target tissues, working as endocrine growth factors. It is mainly released from the liver as GH passes through it. In animals that are GH deficient, research has shown that IGF-1 mixtures have helped their growths. This is similar to effects of GH supplements. More studies have shown that 50 times more IGF-1 is required to achieve the same effects that GH produces.

The main difference between these two theories is that the first one claims IGF-1 isn’t required for GH to help, while the second claims GH requires IGF-1 in conjunction to produce beneficial results on muscle growth. The fact is that the combination of these two theories is correct.

The Somatomedin theory merely focuses on the IGF-1, while the Dual effector theory only states that IGF-1 doesn’t necessarily have to be released from one’s liver. These two theories simply misunderstand each other’s general consensus.

Overall, the combinations of the two theories is the best method of administering GH successfully. This mixture will produce three agreed upon factors that make GH produce results.

1) GH impact on bone and organ formation depends on IGF-1. HGH release stimulates production of IGF-1, which then travels through your circulation to reach the bones, organs, and muscles. There, they produce anabolic effects to help them repair and grow.

2) GH actually maintains IGF-1 levels by binding the IGFBP-3 and acid-labile subunit proteins in the body. As the IGF-1 circulates, these proteins are broken down and reaches target tissues. GH seems to even cause these same target tissues to produce their own IGFBP-3.

3) IGF-1 activity on autocrine and paracrine levels are dependent on GH. The first suggests that the cell that produces the hormone will receive an impact from it, while paracrine levels would suggest that the production of the hormone will affect the cells around the manufacturing cell. Both of these processes assert that hormone production can be localized, and does not necessarily require IGF-1 circulation.

The conclusion is that IGF-1 does impact muscle growth during bodybuilding, but due to localization. The IGF-1 that is released by the liver and circulated actually have different forms from those produced locally by muscle tissue.

This fact should explain why experts claim IGF-1 supplementation into the blood stream may not be the most effective method of enhancing muscle growth.

4. How to get hgh benefits for building more muscle? Injections vs. supplements

There is ample evidence that natural supplements that don’t contain the “real HGH” itself but contain natural ingredients that can enhance the body’s own natural production of HGH are powerful enough to increase HGH levels dramatically.

The very first study in this regard was done using 1200 mg. of L-lysine and L-Arginine that successfully elevated HGH levels in the subjects. Since then, a number of studies have been conducted and several natural compounds, herbs, combination of amino acids and peptides have been developed that can enhance body’s own natural production of HGH.

Interestingly, they can prove to be safer alternatives to synthetic HGH injections. This is great for the bodybuilding community who don’t have to deal with nasty and sometimes dangerous side effects of steroids.

5. HGH supplements reviews

Here are a few HGH supplements reviews :-

HyperGH 14X
Somatropinne HGH
Genf20 Plus

However, you can see a complete rankings of around 60 HGH products in this table.

6. How HyperGH 14X HGH supplement stimulates the seven mechanisms by which HGH can be released

Read about the 7 ingredients and 7 mechanisms in HyperGH 14X HGH supplement.

Can HyperGH 14x be an effective alternative to synthetic HGH injections for bodybuilding?

Below is a review of hgh product HyperGH 14X in the words of another bodybuilder.

So, you might be looking to experience the benefits of the human growth hormone in a way that is safe, legal, and doesn’t require painful shots or the assistance of a doctor or someone who can handle injections.

Although there a lot of hgh bodybuilding supplements on the market, not everyone works.

The criteria in selecting a good product is as follows:-

– Quality and diversity of ingredients
– Mechanism of delivery. (Sprays – oral, sublingual, nasal are usually a waste of time)
– Whether the ingredients work in synergy to provide the maximum benefit
– Whether the product has undergone clinical trials
– Whether the product is heavily marketed (If it is and lots of money is being spent on advertising, chances are they’re or spending enough on ingredients)
– Where is the product manufactured? Country? Lab name?
– How much time it takes to see the results?
– Price
– Money back guarantee if any

After reviewing quite a many bodybuilding supplements meant to enhance HGH production and getting HGH benefits of muscle growth, I genuinely believe HyperGH 14X might be what the bodybuilding community is looking for.

HyperGH is similar to other products I have reviewed in the sense that it’s also a combination of amino acids but it is a superior hgh releaser that combines other compounds, herbs with amino acids that aid your body’s own production of the human growth hormone.

If I say it’s a class apart, then it won’t be an exaggeration.

As we know, Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is an essential hormone for a healthy body which helps muscle and skeletal growth as well as the general function of a thriving system.

Some individuals are naturally deficient in this hormone and as a result take prescription artificial substitutes in the form of injections. And those looking to become a pro bodybuilder or athlete like to take HGH injections as well.

But HyperGH 14X seems to be the perfect alternative to synthetic HGH injections and it doesn’t come with side effects. And it’s also very affordable.

My Results With HyperGH 14x

I bought a three-month supply of HyperGH 14x and my experience was overall very positive. The instructions said to take the oral capsules and the ALPHA GPC spray that comes with it two times each day.

For the first few days, I didn’t notice any real changes, except the increased perception and awareness but after about a week, I began seeing some improvements.

I noticed my bench press strength increased dramatically. My gym partner who used to help me out specifically with bench presses also noticed the difference.

After a rigorous workout I noticed that I didn’t feel as sore as I usually do, and going to bed at the end of the day I was able to fall asleep faster and woke up feeling much more refreshed.

So the product also gave me some sound sleep and excellent recovery after workouts.

After about three weeks of taking HyperGH 14x is when I noticed an increase in the number of positive changes taking place.

My physique and muscle tone improved tremendously – I looked better than some younger guys than me at the gym!

I began to have that ripped look, well, sort of!

So I was able to finally develop a good amount of muscle without steroids.

I felt good as well because I don’t like how pricey the steroids can be and once you start, you really can’t take a break unless your cycle is over. You need a constant supply of steroids and that’s why many bodybuilders pay upfront for steroids for their 2 month or 3 month cycle.

So, I was getting the same benefits as from steroids. My abs were getting prominent and I was cutting fat at all the right places.

Besides all those physical changes, my state of mind improved. I noticed that my energy levels increased and my day-to-day mood improved. My sleep was more restful; I was enjoying better sex, and just felt better overall.

After 3 months, I was beginning to look like the beast literally. The midsection isn’t that great but hey, the chest, legs and arms – I am proud and satisfied.

Building abs was always tough for me and to be honest I find crunches boring but I noticed body fat had definitely melted away.

After 4 months, I took one month off and kept my gains.

The only disadvantage of using HyperGH 14X in my experience is that results might take time. While steroids can make you gains in like 2-3 months max, and then you go off cycle and into your PCT (post-cycle therapy) to keep your gains. On the other hand HyperGH 14X has to be taken for at least 4 months in my opinion.

But then, again you don’t need to do PCT on HyperHG 14X. But you should take some time off from taking the supplement so you can continue enjoying its benefits in the long haul like 1-2 months off.

All you need is continue with your healthy protein based diet, eat the right carbs and stuff like that when you’re off.

If you notice some loss in muscle while you’re off, take L-Glutamine as a standalone supplement. Also take melatonin 1 mg-3 mg if you find difficulty sleeping. Sleep in an absolutely dark room, deep sleep is incredibly important for natural HGH release.

So, when you’re not taking HyperHG 14X, you definitely need deep sleep.

In my opinion, most people would be able to keep the gains after their 3-4 months cycle of HyperHG 14X use.

So I had gained nearly 20 pounds of pure muscle and really felt like I had achieved the body I have always wanted.

I also used different Testosterone boosters along with taking HyperHG 14X.

However, the thing with Testosterone boosters is you need variety. You need –

  • – T boosters based on Tribulus, Tongkat Ali (work by suppressing conversion of T to estrogen)
  • – T boosters based on DAA etc. (work by enhancing GnRH)
  • – T boosters based on L-dopa (or Mucuna Puriens – work by enhancing dopamine levels).

And cycle these T boosters every month or so while take HyperHG 14X regularly for 3-4 months. One good T booster is PrimeMale.

Interestingly, HyperHG 14X also contains Tribulus terrestris making it a perfect bodybuilding supplement.

I had taken T boosters before during my workouts, but the results are much superior on HyperHG 14X.

The Pros of HyperGH 14x

1) Its ingredients aren’t restricted to just amino acid based products. According to studies, amino acids such as Arginine, L-Glutamine, etc. need to be taken in high doses to effectively release HGH naturally.

Additionally, they need other compounds to work with them so that they can successfully increase HGH level when taken in small doses, like GABA, GTF Chromium, Colostrum, Phosphatidyl Choline, etc. Phosphatidyl Choline is a great emulsifier that helps the body absorb other the other nutrients that are present in HyperGH 14x while helping to maintain healthy neurons.

2) Its formula contains Deer Antler Velvet and Alpha GPC, which, in my opinion, should be part of any HGH product. Deer Antler Velvet is a natural blend of several amino acids and it should be noted that HGH itself is a peptide with 91 amino acids.

According to clinical trials, Alpha GPC is believed to aid in activating the fibers deep within your muscles for stronger and tighter contractions and overall muscle endurance. Also, Alpha GPC was shown to increase HGH release by 4,100% during workouts! That is some serious workout power. You can know more about it on the official site of HyperGH 14x.

I have to talk a lot about Alpha GPC, I am doing a lot of research on it actually, may be another post someday.

3). There are no known risks associated with HGH overdose when taking HyperGH 14x. Not only is it 100% legal, but it is also a safe and natural dietary supplement that is available to you without a doctor’s prescription. It has been carefully formulated to help your own body release its own supply of HGH instead of injecting foreign substances, which are illegal or difficult to get and a hassle to administer. And injections are infamous to provide some side effects like gaining too much water weight, carpel tunnel syndrome etc.

4). HyperGH 14x comes with enteric coated tables to allow maximum absorption of the supplements in the blood stream. You literally get what you pay for. Research reveals stomach acid can destroy as much as 50% of the ingredients you swallow. Not to worry about this with HyperGH 14x.

Final Verdict

I would recommend natural hgh supplements over hgh injections to those looking to modify their current supplement routine or anyone who wants to improve their general health and physique.

Taking into consideration the results and its value, I would say HyperGH 14X is a really great addition to one’s fitness regimen.

Keep in mind, I would recommend getting at least a 3-4 month supply to start, but consider the six month or a year supply if you’re getting discounts. They’ll come out handy when you want to start again. And don’t forget to take a month off after 3-4 months of regular usage.