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Athlean-X workout program for hard-gainers (ectomorphs)?


Most of the time the fitness gurus are just letting you know what’s worked for THEM, they generally don’t have any notion the best way to work an idea into your life based on your own demands.

To me he seems shorter than Jeff, perhaps shorter neck? Limbs, smaller torso or an optical illusion – I do not understand.

Not a buffed up dude!

The work outs in Athlean x are simple to find offering clear propositions and recommendations, including pics of the exercisers remaining to enable you to perform exercises correctly for maximum gain, in addition, it provides you with a second family table for performing the routines.

Beginner Workout Routines

Athlean X program comes with on-line videos letting you know the best way to spend only 7 minutes a day on intensive workouts and optimize the effect to establish solid muscles.

You will discover the staff is special, unlike at Athlean X where you will discover folks whining about e-mails that go unanswered from their paying customers, and within my case….whining about the staff lying about me, exaggerating the truth and then threatening and harassing me with a possible litigation due to my dissatisfaction with them and the fact that I was going to post this factual review of my personal experience.

The Athleanx is mostly known because of its effectiveness to burn off fat and build lean muscle together and in less work outs than some other popular fitness programs out there. The Athlean x is dependant on identical work outs that Jeff Cavaliere does with his own clients but has been tweaked for the average man or woman.

Mike Chang of SixPackShortcuts is another youtube character I’m finding myself observing.


Bonus #4 – Hot Shoulders In Minutes: You may see how a woman, who isn’t a bodybuilder, builds fine and defined shoulders in minutes with clear directions.

As well as a 12-week comprehensive pattern for your own work outs, additionally there is structured nutrition strategy to assist you to see the maximum effect out of your work outs.

Monday’s workout was a rehash of some old favourites, for example, plate squeeze (one of the best torso pump exercises ever) and spiderman pushups. Pullups are a great total body motion that works your upper back, arms, abs, and torso.

Athlean X Real user Reviews

Review 1

Get into the game and unleash your inner athlete with the “ATHLEAN-X Starter” Program. A diet strategy is crucial for maximum effects and that is why Jeff Cavaliere contains a whole 90-day meal plan. If you snatch a copy of Athlean X now, I Will send you two added exceptional, fit fat burning workouts free of charge. While the ebook gives you in-depth, clear advice on which to do and when to get it done, this is combines with a diet strategy for greatest results. For any eating strategy to work it’s to do two things; Deliver a lifelong option and produce quick results that keep you motivated to stick to it! Adhere through the whole strategy until the end, following it entirely and you will be shocked at how great you look. I posted on this website since I was tired of the numerous imitation review sites out there.

Review 2

You simply use the work out strategy of the week which you’re on and read the way to do the exercises in the Master exercise guide. If you simply desire to lose 5-7 pounds, you do not actually desire it. Routine workouts should do as long as you view your diet also. I do not care what type of chest flies you’re doing for your mid torso- this is the way things occur in real life. Work outs are scheduled for 3 or 5 days a week (depending in your function) with 3 days of the week being focused on weight control exercises and another two days elective. We kicked off the week on Monday with an old favorite, the Athlean 400 Challenge.

Review 3

Additionally I simply needed to say a huge thanks to my fiance, she always supports me with the meals, the motivation, and helping me when doing some of the Athlean challenges (time and representative counting plus yelling the strange inspirational quotation such as “Dukes you understand what you gotta do” from Rocky 4). The saying behind every great man is an great woman is really accurate in my own case.

Athlean x compared to other workout programs : What are the advantages?

For heavy individuals, the P90x plan will be a genuine challenge due to the Intensity of the Long interval work outs. Reaching muscle mass and burning off fat at the same time is a struggle to execute, the Athlean X system promises to realize that. A powerful abs diet meal plan concentrates in including some of food types in the day-to-day meal. An excellent diet strategy because of this is always to eat lots of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

The only good part to my expertise was I was issued a refund after the first refund window was shut because Athlean X failed to need to fulfill their duty to be by supplying me upgrades for life. Otherwise I am going to consider other efforts at communicating as bullying harassment by athlean x.

In Week 8 I handled a substantially enhanced 8 minutes and 52 seconds – getting me at the Athlean Elite degree.

This program recommends few herbal supplements, an astonishing blend of several natural energizing herbs and nutrients are tailor made to encourage and preserve your entire muscles.

In terms of the principles used by Athlean X and the Athlean X TNT videos it is possible to spend MUCH less cash by purchasing any among the publications at Not only are precisely the same principles covered in these guides…they’re better described and offer even more advanced principles and techniques.

How to gain real results with Athlean X?

Even if you work out regularly and are fairly healthy, I counsel one to do the work outs in order because these aren’t like typical health club work outs.

This guide can help you learn more about the precise work outs that top sportsmen and stars of now are using to allow them to get torn bodies quickly.

The first rule you should know to mass up quickly is that you simply need a suitable meal plan.

Actually, the exercise came after another 3 or 4 others that only killed me (shoulders and biceps) and made me week (squats).. ha, the Sunday tennis was making some sound!

Bottom Line

The ATHLEANX training system offers you great effects in less time with less work outs per week in relation to the leading competition, by putting the most recent in sports science in strength…and your muscles into anabolic overdrive!

As already mentioned, Cavaliere’s strategy appears to work for those people new to the healthful lifestyle and are simply buying a means to begin. I already have the shuffle work outs as I’m on the AX1 program now but this way I don’t should log in only to do the 6 pack guarantee shuffle work outs.

Furthermore, your meals will fuel your workouts so that you simply get better results without depriving your muscles of essential nutrients.

This can be accurate athleticism and function developed into every exercise in every among the 60 exceptional work outs. Most pre work outs are around giving you energy on your workouts and giving you the mechanism for creating more nitric oxide for better muscle pumps and better results.

It’s my view you will be wasting your money by purchasing the Athlean X system or their TNT videos in comparison to the X-representative publications and the MI40 or Burn the fat, feed the muscle diet publication.

That’s because whole 12 rounds in greater than 30 minutes (you have to overcome this time to pass” the Final X-AM) is a better strategy to build big muscles fast.

When selecting a work out plan or nutritional supplement, understanding who to trust is among the most difficult things to determine. Its much simpler committing to the day-to-day exercises since they’re time consuming,you don’t want gear, it is possible to learn the technique from your videos and you get outstanding results without being drilled since regular workout plan has distinct work outs.

Our Take

Editor’s Note:- In our opinion, overall, Athlean X program is good for aesthetics, getting more fit, and enhancing athletic performance, however, if you’re looking for strength gains or serious muscle mass, it’s not the best program out there.

Jeff Cavaliere in his AthLEAN-X program taps into the science of muscle confusion, which states that frequent changes within your exercise program stimulate muscle growth by avoiding a plateauing effort. However, in our opinion, MI40x’s CEP technique by top bodybuilding IFBB pro Ben Pakulski is way more powerful than muscle confusion when it comes to adding muscle mass and gaining size.


Jeff Cavaliere’s road to fitness training super-stardom continues to evolve. The New York and Connecticut-based physical therapist and strength coach has created the AthLEAN-X Training System (AthLEAN-X), a 90-day program largely but not solely based on his “behind the scenes” experience with the New York Mets of Major League Baseball (MLB).

The program is also not the best for creating the ripped, LEAN, muscular body as claimed. There are better programs for that.

About the program

It’s easy to accuse Mr. Cavaliere of jumping on the “Build lean muscle, burn excess fat at the same time” bandwagon, now occupied by fitness and nutrition heavyweights like Tom Venuto (Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle), Craig Ballantyne (Turbulence Training), and Tony Horton of P90X fame. After all, we all know how lucrative the fitness and nutrition industry is.

However, before criticizing Jeff’s motives for bringing AthLEAN-X to the general public, let’s investigate his take on physical fitness and nutrition and see if it lives up to the hype.

Does Cavaliere have anything NEW to Offer You?

If nothing else, credit Jeff Cavaliere for choosing a catchy name for his program. AthLEAN-X highlights the two (2) main reasons why the program might be for you:

To become a better Athlete: Regardless of what sport you are involved in and your current level of success, a systematic training program’s bottom line should be to help you perform better. To give you that ripped, LEAN, muscular body that will keep turning heads.

I’m not sure about the ‘X’ thing seems to be popular in fitness marketing circles these days LOL!

But, when it comes to getting ripped, lean, muscular look, I think the AthLEAN-X is nothing special.

The Uncensored AthLEAN-X Package

Cavaliere offers a comprehensive package that won’t go over your head. It includes:

Over a hundred-forty exercises fully illustrated and explained by Jeff. Daily and weekly breakdowns of your program (Hint: You don’t do all 140 exercises!).

AthLEAN Burst Training, a professional alternative to cookie-cutter cardio workouts being offered at most gyms today. Advice on truly customizing your program, based on individual circumstances (i.e. current fitness level, body composition, etc.)

AthLEAN-X Home Training System: A 90-day alternate training program for home-based workouts.

AthLEAN-X Challenges: You want accountability, you got accountability! Measure your progress every four weeks and challenge yourself to do better with a series of basic exercises you’ll never look at in the same way again. An exhaustive audio interview where Jeff details what healthy eating and good nutrition (70% of your results) are really all about.

And, much, much MORE.

OK, I know what you’re thinking.

Does Jeff’s baseball bias mean that only eighteen-year old aspiring big leaguers should try AthLEAN-X? While the program is heavily influenced by Cavaliere’s experience with baseball players (most notably, New York Mets third baseman David Wright) it would be insulting to call it a baseball workout program.

Why? Simple:

The principles behind sports-specific training drills can also work for regular folks who want to get into great shape!

AthLEAN-X brings great health and fitness benefits to the fore: Reduced body fat, more lean muscle mass, better joint flexibility, and improved body functionality.

Better athleticism and better bodies for all, that’s what AthLEAN-X is all about.

The Body of a Pro Athlete without having to be one?

Professional athletes are busy people with numerous on-field and off-field commitments. Cavaliere has channeled that reality into AthLEAN-X by giving it the same type of short, intense (i.e. 30-45 minutes maximum, 3 times weekly) strength training sessions that his celebrity clients use.

Coupled with two weekly conditioning workouts (N.B. not your typical cardio), you may only be looking at a three hour weekly commitment.

Now, Jeff Cavaliere in his AthLEAN-X program taps into the science of muscle confusion, which states that frequent changes within your exercise program stimulate muscle growth by avoiding a plateauing effort. He tries to keep workouts varied and interesting, but also challenging enough so that you get results faster than you may have thought possible.

However, in my opinion, MI40x’s CEP technique is way more powerful than muscle confusion when it comes to adding muscle mass and gaining size.

AthLEAN-X is not for serious muscle building and for getting the ripped look.

I think this should be made clear to the people. And this is where I think the program lacks.

I believe his free videos on his youtube channel are great. And the paid program has some good stuff too. But, for more serious, effective and quick muscle building, I won’t recommend it.

There is another program in the market, MI40X C.E.P. Training Program developed by top bodybuilding IFBB pro Ben Pakulski, creator of the original program MI40. The new program MI40X takes over from the previous MI40 and onto the next level, taking Mass Intention into a new dimension called “Cell Expansion Protocol“, his patented technique for quick and serious muscle mass development.

The idea behind the cell expansion as the key for extraordinary and relentless increase in muscle mass in a fraction of time is the result of a scientific study, for which he provides documentation, showing how the “guinea pigs” group involved, made up of ten 20 to 30 year old males, obtained superior increases in muscle mass, strength and reduction of fat tissue comparing to a traditional style training group.

Alternative to AthLean-X :- The CEP – Cell Expansion Protocol And Training Principle

The idea behind CEP is that muscle cells are like little balloons, so if you increase the balloon size of the cells your muscles will also grow in size and strength while also helping burn fat, a win win situation. The problem is that anyone has a preset, certain certain amount of nuclei within his/her cells that prevents cell expansion under normal, standard stimulation, unless a particular stress is applied in order to increase this amount of muscle cells nuclei.

Cell volumization and enhancing the nucelie is not a new concept, however, the MI40x program really brings some new and effective techniques to the table.

What happens in these workout routines is that when an appropriate and specific stimulus is applied to your muscles, your body starts producing myo-satellite cells to repair muscle damage, leading to rapid and constant muscle mass gains. They also add to give some awesome mass and size gains.

Satellite cells are particular muscle helper cells that kick in only when highly stressed beyond regular failure of traditional weight training.

Ben Pakulski likens the effect as your muscle being pumped and growing all the time, specifically at rest after your workouts, rather just being temporarily gorged.

This particular, welcome effect, is the result of a specific kind of hard core training designed to achieve the greatest “Time Under Tension stress” in the shortest possible time, allegedly leading to unprecedented and fast muscle gains.

This high intensity technique revolves around extending your regular set into a 4 minute agonizing struggle against fatigue and pain by adding a static stretching posture while you keeping hold of the weight and contracting the antagonist muscle, instead of dropping it and resting as normal.

After a certain amount of seconds (that feels very long) in the stretched position, you drop the start up weight for a lighter one and repeat the process, then drop again and repeat for up to a total of 4 minutes.

Basically it is a sort of drop set with the addition of “isometric static holds” in between drops, intra-set stretching so to speak, and very, very taxing. You only need to do this ONCE.

Ben Pakulsky showcases a handy demonstration video for one particular muscle group, but it stresses that each muscle group is different and requires specific, ancillary and targeted techniques for best effect. No muscle group is the same and results will be skewed if the very same technique for one specific muscle is applied exactly for all muscle groups. The net result is a pump that lasts forever and more importantly that causes an increase in cell size, hence a fast increase in mass.

Basically, the impressive growth rate causes such a metabolic boost that you actually burn fat while building muscle at the same time, making you ripped as well as big at the same time.

Note:- The Cell Expansion Protocol and the 4 minute CEP Training Principle are not regular training methods, they are in fact really hard, if brief, so it is not so surprising to witness out of the ordinary results, like dropping fat while building mass at the same time, all done without cardio.

Is a lean, athletic body worth three hours a week to you?

Surprisingly and to his credit, Cavaliere does not overemphasize muscle gain and fat loss as AthLEAN-X benefits. By faithfully following the AthLEAN-X system for ninety days and beyond, the athletic and physical benefits should stand out first. The rest will follow naturally.

At $67 USD, Jeff Cavaliere’s AthLEAN-X delivers good value for the money. The program is demanding no doubt about it. I’ll be honest many people will need to repeat one or more of the 4-week cycles to achieve the stated performance goals. However, if you are up to the challenge and follow through on the nutritional advice it is impossible not to get fantastic results.

Having said that, a more effective approach to muscle building while putting in the same level of efforts or perhaps less, is the MI40x program. I seriously recommend it.

Who is AthLEAN-X really for?

  • 1. Aspiring athletes (senior high school and above) looking for a complete fitness and nutrition system to improve sport-specific performance.
  • 2. Regular folks who have failed to get results from “steady-state” cardio and resistance training, and seek a real alternative.
  • 3. Anyone frustrated with the time commitment demanded by other popular systems, and looking for a varied program that delivers results.

AthLEAN-X’s other user reviews

Review 1 – I really enjoy the variety of Athlean X

I really enjoy the variety of Athlean X and am currently in round two. I started at 159 lbs and ended the first round at 164 lb and the weight gained was all lean muscle. The biggest problem I have is that the program is so varied it is hard to keep track of how well you do with individual exercises. I feel like I have reached a plateau during my second round, so I decided to do the program and incorporate some squats and bench press. In Athlean’s defense I also had my first kid during the second round. I like how the program only takes 45 minutes a day and you feel as though this gets the job done. I also was able to get a six pack out of the deal which I appreciate. I also liked how the workouts were not videos allowing me to do them at my own pace and not skip any.

Best part- Varied, great upper back program, great leg program.

Worst part – I felt like my chest reached a plateau

Overall I would give Athlean X a 8.5/10

Review 2 – Doesn’t work for me

I got AX as well but it doesn’t work for me at all. I’m staying at the same shape after 9 weeks.

Review 3 – Decent programs but severely lacking in leg work

I have done his AX-1 program and AX-2 as well. Both are decent programs but severely lacking in leg work. Most of the leg work is done with dumbbells or body weight. That right there should tell you something. I had to substitute a lot of leg exercises for more traditional barbell work, because I preferred it. Notice how his YouTube channel is also severely lacking in leg exercises. Most of his content is upper-body! I must say though, I had good results with AX-1 when a friend and I went through it. We certainly got to single digit body fat percentages and achieved a well-defined six-pack! So he certainly is knowledgeable and a lot of his alternative exercises are quite useful and effective even (I still use some of them myself), I just find it sad that he seems to focus so much more on upper-body than anything else.

Review 4 – Not the best advice, although not terrible

Not the best advice, although not terrible. It seems like he takes forever to get to the point a lot of the time in his videos. He uses the same gimmicky crap that a lot of 90s fitness magazines used. “Don’t do this exercise that is widely known for its high success rate, instead replace the one lift with these 3 no one has ever heard of!”

I don’t watch him.

Review 5 – Boring!

Personally, I just get bored. There’s not much to the whole bodybuilding lifestyle. It’s just nutrition, lifting, and proper rest. It gets pretty old just watching the standard workout then post-workout meal videos. At the moment I only occasionally watch Marc Lobliner’s videos and maybe the occasional Jason Blaha video (the one on Vitamin D for example was something interesting because other channels don’t mention it that often) There’s just not a lot to talk about when it comes to weightlifting after a certain point.

Review 6 – worthy of a bad fitness magazine

I think his advices on how to prevent injuries are great, but his advices on how to gain muscle or strength sometimes are worthy of a bad fitness magazine.

The gains by causing muscle confusion are themselves confusing. I believe “muscle confusion” is a pseudoscience and it’s not that you’re “confusing” your muscles and they get “shocked” into growing – it’s that you’re choosing different exercises that could target the muscle differently which gets them to grow.

Review 7 – Loved it!

I finished Athlean X and loved it. Sent in my before/after pictures and Jeff put them on the website, and gave me lots of praise. I’m 2 months into Athlean NXT and have been seeing great results. If you’re looking for strength gains, it’s not the best. If you’re looking for aesthetics, I’d recommend it.


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