Performance-wise comparison

Below table shows a “performance-wise” comparison of different Nugenix Testosterone products, across different categories of performance. This information may help users understand the different Nugenix products better, and help on deciding which product they should chose based on their requirements.

CategoryNugenix Total-TNugenix UltimateNugenix MaxxNugenix Free T booster
Age-Related Testosterone Boosting4.5/5 (Specifically mentioned to be tailored for men hitting 40 and beyond)4/5 (Contains potent testosterone-boosting ingredients)4.5/5 (Contains extra ingredients like Ashwagandha which can potentially boost testosterone)3/5 (Contains basic testosterone-boosting ingredients)
Muscle and Physical Enhancement4/5 (Claims to increase lean muscle mass)4/5 (Contains some extra ingredients known for enhancing libido and mood)4.5/5 (Comprehensive Ingredients formulation can have wider benefits- improved exercise performance, libido, muscle mass)3/5 (Focuses more on basic testosterone support)
Well-being Enhancement4/5 (Promises an overall enhancement in well-being)3.5/5 (Focuses more on testosterone and libido enhancement)5/5 (Contains adaptogens like Ashwagandha and Rhodiola and some other ingredients for overall well-being)3/5 (Contains vitamins for overall health support)
Revitalization4/5 (Designed to be a pick-me-up for those feeling a decline in their energy)3.5/5 (While not explicitly mentioned, the ingredients suggest potential revitalizing effects)4.5/5 (Adaptogens and other ingredients suggest potent revitalizing effects)3/5 (While not explicitly mentioned, the ingredients suggest potential revitalizing effects)
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Ingredients-wise comparison

Below table shows an ingredients-wise comparison of different Nugenix Testosterone products. The table shows the exact quantity of an ingredient, if it’s present on product label, or only says “YES” if exact quantity is hidden behind a proprietary blend.

Every ingredient, also displays a Remark, which might help users looking to try a particular Nugenix product, and help them decide if it matches their goals.

NameNugenix Total-TNugenix UltimateNugenix MaxxNugenix Free T boosterRemark
L-Citrulline Malate1125 mgNONOYESEnhances blood flow and possibly boosts exercise performance.
Fenugreek Extract600 mg700 mg600 mgYESPotentially elevates testosterone levels.
elevATP® Blend (Ancient Peat Extract (trace minerals) and Apple Fruit Extract)150 mgNONONOMay aid in energy level enhancement.
Eurycoma longifolia Extract100 mg150 mg150 mgNOPotentially increases testosterone and enhances male fertility.
D-Aspartic AcidNO3000 mgNONOOffers a temporary surge in testosterone levels.
Epimedium ExtractNO625 mgNONOEnhances sexual function.
Stinging Nettle ExtractNO300 mgNONOElevates free testosterone by inhibiting its conversion to DHT.
Maca ExtractNO200 mg150 mgNOBoosts sexual desire and uplifts mood.
Ashwagandha ExtractNONO600 mgNOAlleviates stress, elevates mood and and possibly enhances testosterone levels.
Shilajit Purified ExtractNONO500 mgNOContributes to increased testosterone and bolstered male fertility.
Rhodiola ExtractNONO150 mgNOCombats fatigue and optimizes exercise performance.
Asian GinsengNONO140 mgNOBoosts energy and sharpens cognitive function.
Black Pepper ExtractNONO5 mgNOAmplifies the absorption of the other ingredients.
Tribulus TerrestrisNONONOYESTraditionally used to enhance libido and support testosterone levels.
Zinc1 mgNO15 mg1 mgEssential mineral for immune function and testosterone production.
Boron10 mg10 mgNONOTrace mineral that supports bone health, has anti-estrogen benefits and provides testosterone balance.
Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)NONO20 mcgNOPlays a role in supporting healthy testosterone levels and overall male health.



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