For many men, the world of testosterone boosters can become a maze of claims, promises, and flashy marketing. But nothing speaks louder than real-life experiences.

Here at, we try to deep dive into the before and after results of Testosterone supplements like Nugenix, before recommending it to our users. (Also checkout our top recommended Testosterone boosters).

This collection of Nugenix user’s experiences is more than just a series of testimonials; it’s a genuine reflection of the journey many have embarked upon with Nugenix. Whether you’re a skeptic, a potential user, or just curious, these firsthand accounts aim to provide clarity and insight into the real-world impact of this popular supplement.

Why the Need to Check Other User’s Experiences?

In an age where information is abundant, yet often misleading, firsthand user experiences serve as a beacon of authenticity. They offer:

Unfiltered Feedback: Real users provide insights without the gloss of marketing spins.
Diverse Perspectives: Every individual’s body reacts differently. By exploring a range of experiences, you get a holistic view of potential outcomes.
Setting Expectations: Knowing others’ journeys helps set realistic expectations, ensuring you’re neither overly optimistic nor pessimistic about potential results.
Trustworthiness: Personal testimonials often resonate more than clinical studies or brand promises, offering a genuine touchstone for potential users.

In essence, other users’ experiences bridge the gap between what’s promised and what’s delivered, guiding you to make informed decisions

DaretoLive guy on Youtube


This guy on Youtube shows some lean bulking gains and slightly more chiseled look.

This YouTuber’s lean bulking gains and a more chiseled appearance after using Nugenix Free T booster for a month and a half could be attributed to several factors:

  1. Testosterone Boosting Ingredients: Nugenix Free T booster contains ingredients known to support testosterone production. Elevated testosterone levels can promote muscle growth, increase strength, and reduce body fat, leading to a more chiseled appearance.
  2. Enhanced Protein Synthesis: Testosterone can enhance protein synthesis, which is crucial for muscle growth. If the YouTuber was consuming adequate protein and following a structured workout regimen, the supplement might have amplified his muscle-building efforts.
  3. Increased Training Intensity: Elevated testosterone levels can also lead to increased energy and stamina. This could have allowed the YouTuber to train harder and longer, leading to better muscle gains.
  4. Fat Metabolism: Testosterone can aid in fat metabolism, helping to shed excess body fat, which in turn can reveal more muscle definition and contribute to a chiseled look.
  5. Synergy with Weightlifting: The YouTuber mentioned he was lifting weights three to four days a week. Combining resistance training with a testosterone booster can have a synergistic effect, maximizing muscle growth and fat loss.
  6. Placebo Effect: Believing that a product will work can sometimes lead to increased motivation and effort in workouts, leading to better results. This psychological effect, combined with the actual benefits of the supplement, might have contributed to his gains.
  7. Diet and Nutrition: While not explicitly mentioned, it’s possible the YouTuber was following a balanced diet, rich in protein and essential nutrients, which would complement the effects of the testosterone booster.

His video, after a two-year hiatus, dives into the effectiveness of the Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster. The host shares his personal experience after using the product for approximately a month and a half. He acknowledges some muscle gain, as evident from his before-and-after photos, but also mentions an increase in weight, attributing it to both muscle and fat gain.

While he felt a bit stronger, he attributes this more to his weightlifting routine than the supplement. He didn’t notice any significant increase in sex drive or any noticeable benefits in the bedroom.

He recalls a previous review where he had his testosterone levels checked before and after using a different supplement, noting only a slight increase within the normal range.

He also mentions that while many wish these supplements could mimic the effects of anabolic steroids, they simply don’t.


Based on this review, Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster might be suitable for individuals looking for a slight boost in strength, especially when combined with regular weightlifting. However, for those specifically seeking enhanced libido or significant testosterone boosts, this might not be the ideal product.


Amazon user- Dominiken

After starting on Nugenix Total-T, this buyer on Amazon observed a marked improvement in his stamina and endurance. This newfound vigor enabled him to power through challenging workouts, achieving more in each session than he had previously thought possible.

Unlike his experience with some other supplements, which often led to jitters or energy crashes, Nugenix Total-T offered him a consistent and steady boost in energy. Throughout his workouts, he maintained a consistent energy level, ensuring that his focus and intensity remained unwavering from the beginning to the end.

The efficacy of Nugenix Total-T can be attributed to its carefully curated blend of ingredients. These ingredients are specifically designed to support natural testosterone production, a hormone crucial for energy levels and overall physical performance. Given that testosterone plays a pivotal role in stamina and muscle strength, it’s likely that the increase in his energy and endurance stemmed from the product’s ability to boost this hormone.

Furthermore, the fact that Nugenix Total-T is grounded in scientific research and doesn’t depend on short-lived stimulants means users, like him, can enjoy sustained energy without the subsequent drain often associated with other supplements.

Amazon reviewer- Andy

The user embarked on his journey with Nugenix Total-T with high hopes, but unfortunately, he didn’t experience the results he was anticipating. After diligently taking the supplement for two weeks and noticing no discernible effects, he sought out additional reviews. He discovered that for some, the product might take up to 30 days to manifest its benefits. Undeterred, he extended his trial to 38 days, but still, there were no signs of muscle gain, strength enhancement, or an uptick in energy.

The ingredients in Nugenix Total-T are formulated to support natural testosterone production, which is instrumental in muscle growth, strength, and energy. However, individual responses to supplements can vary widely due to factors like metabolism, body chemistry, and existing testosterone levels. It’s possible that this user’s body didn’t resonate with the specific blend in Nugenix Total-T, leading him to not experience the desired effects. While the product might be effective for many, it’s a reminder that individual reactions can differ, and what works for one person might not necessarily work for another.


Jersey Flex

Jersey Flex, in his video review, delves into the effectiveness of Nugenix, a widely advertised natural testosterone booster.

He emphasizes that while Nugenix is one of the most reputable testosterone boosters available in stores like GNC, Walmart, and CVS, he doesn’t seem very impressed, while talking about his Before-after results!

The product’s ingredients, such as zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D, tribulus, and fenugreek, are indeed proven to boost testosterone. However, the challenge lies in the dosage.

Due to the limited space inside a capsule, one cannot get the recommended dose of these ingredients from a single pill, which is why Nugenix often suggests taking multiple capsules throughout the day. Jersey Flex recommends a different approach: instead of relying solely on Nugenix, one should consider purchasing these ingredients separately to ensure they’re getting the right doses.

For instance, fenugreek and ashwagandha can be bought individually. By doing this, users can be more certain they’re consuming adequate doses of each ingredient. However, he strongly advises consulting with a doctor before making any changes to one’s supplement regimen, as individual reactions can vary.


Nugenix Total-T might be best suited for men, especially those over 40, who are looking for a convenient, all-in-one solution to boost their testosterone levels. However, for those who are more particular about dosages or have specific needs, it might be more beneficial to purchase other products with more optimized dosage of ingredients OR individual ingredients separately to ensure optimal intake. This review seems to be in line with our own editorial review on Nugenix Total-T.


Intelligent-Battle29, from Reddit

Intelligent-Battle29, a 44-year-old Reddit user, has been on Nugenix Total-T for approximately 5 months and has shared his positive experiences with the product:

Enhanced Strength: Since starting Nugenix Total-T, he has been consistently attending the gym and has observed a noticeable increase in his lifting capabilities. He mentions that he’s now lifting heavier weights than he did in his 20s. Interestingly, in his previous attempts to return to the gym, he never achieved results as quickly as he has this time around.

Boosted Stamina: His gym sessions now last about 1.5 hours, split evenly between weightlifting and cardio. Despite the intensity of his workouts, he feels energized and doesn’t feel depleted after just a few sets, indicating a significant improvement in his endurance.

Positive Sexual Changes: Within just two weeks of starting the supplement, he experienced his first wet dream in years. While these occurrences haven’t been frequent, he found it intriguing to experience this after such a long gap. Additionally, he has observed more frequent morning erections reminiscent of his younger days. He also believes that his erections are now more robust and fuller, although he hasn’t noticed any change in his lasting power during intimate moments.

Given these observations, it’s plausible that the ingredients in Nugenix Total-T, which are designed to support natural testosterone production, have played a role in these positive changes. Testosterone is crucial for muscle growth, stamina, and sexual health, which aligns with the benefits he’s experienced.

Amazon reviewer- Paul

The user, who is in his 50s, embarked on a journey with Nugenix Total-T and has been consistently taking it for half a year.

Alongside a dedicated fitness regimen of 30-minute workouts thrice a week, he’s observed commendable enhancements in his muscle definition, stamina, and energy levels. He cheekily hints at some additional benefits, possibly alluding to improvements in libido or overall mood.

However, he does express a gripe with the product: the size of the pills. He finds them challenging to swallow, likening them to “horse pills.” To circumvent this, he’s devised a method of emptying the contents directly into his mouth and washing it down with water. While the taste isn’t particularly pleasant, he feels the myriad benefits he’s reaped make the momentary bitterness worth it.

The ingredients in Nugenix Total-T are designed to boost testosterone levels, which can lead to enhanced muscle growth, increased stamina, and improved energy, especially in older men. The user’s positive experience might be attributed to the product’s blend working synergistically with his workout regimen. However, the pill size might be a deterrent for some, emphasizing the importance of product design in user experience.

Amazon reviewer- Emily’s husband

The user describes their experience with Nugenix Total-T as a journey of patience and observation. Initially, after using just one bottle, the promised benefits were elusive. However, persistence paid off. After purchasing and consuming three bottles, her husband began to notice the changes.

His energy levels saw an uptick, and there was a slight enhancement in muscle development. But it wasn’t all positive; an unexpected side effect emerged. The supplement seemed to trigger an increase in acne breakouts, which manifested on his face, back, and arms.

The ingredients in Nugenix Total-T are formulated to boost testosterone, which can lead to increased energy and muscle growth. However, elevated testosterone levels can also result in increased sebum production, which might explain the acne breakouts. It’s a reminder that while supplements can offer benefits, they might also come with unforeseen side effects.

Amazon reviewer- Tony

Tony, a dedicated gym-goer, shares his experience with Nugenix Total-T. At 63, he’s been hitting the gym five days a week, balancing both weights and cardio. He’s currently on his second bottle of the supplement, taking it three times daily.

Despite his consistent usage, Tony hasn’t observed any significant advantages in his gym performance since starting Nugenix Total-T.

However, he did note a particular change in his morning routine, with the return of morning erections, a phenomenon that had waned over the years. While this change might be noteworthy for some, Tony doesn’t believe it justifies the product’s price tag. He’s on the fence, suggesting that if he notices improvements in his gym performance, he might continue with the supplement; otherwise, he’s considering cutting his losses.

The ingredients in Nugenix Total-T are designed to boost testosterone levels, which can influence both muscle performance and sexual health. The return of Tony’s morning erections could be attributed to the supplement’s impact on testosterone. However, individual responses to supplements can vary, and while some might experience a range of benefits, others might only notice a few or none at all.

Amazon reviewer- Craig

Craig, a single man in his 50s, offers a balanced perspective on his experience with Nugenix Total-T. On the positive side, he noticed enhanced energy during his workouts and a slight increase in strength. Additionally, he hints at potential improvements in his intimate life.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Craig. He encountered challenges with sleep, finding himself restless and struggling to drift off at night. Moreover, he developed a mild, intermittent cough that lasted throughout his time using the product.

Craig believes both these issues are potential side effects of Nugenix Total-T, as they are listed as such. Significantly, these problems subsided once he discontinued the supplement.

The ingredients in Nugenix Total-T aim to elevate testosterone levels, which can influence energy, strength, and libido. Craig’s enhanced workouts and perceived boost in the bedroom could be attributed to these effects. However, as with any supplement, there’s potential for side effects. Craig’s sleep disturbances and cough might be linked to the product, highlighting the importance of individual responses and the need for users to monitor their reactions closely.

Amazon reviewer- Kerry

Kerry, a 55-year-old individual, decided to try out Nugenix Total-T after seeing it endorsed by baseball legend Frank Thomas. However, Kerry remains skeptical about celebrity endorsements, believing that athletes often promote products primarily for financial gain rather than genuine belief in the product’s efficacy.

He suggests that these endorsements are more about the athletes’ monetary benefits and the profits of the companies they represent.

Kerry’s decision to try the product based on a celebrity endorsement underscores the influence of famous personalities in advertising. However, his skepticism also highlights the importance of individual research and experience when considering a product, rather than solely relying on celebrity testimonials.

Dan2fly from Reddit

Dan2fly, a Reddit user, shared his brief experience with Nugenix after using it for a week. At 47 years old, he identifies himself as overweight, borderline diabetic, hypertensive, and humorously acknowledges that he possesses several health risk factors. Despite this, he has observed some positive changes since starting Nugenix:

Enhanced Energy: After just a week of using Nugenix, Dan2fly has noticed a clear increase in his energy levels. This boost might be attributed to the ingredients in Nugenix that are known to support vitality and overall well-being.

Improved Erections: He also mentions a noticeable improvement in his erections. Given his age and health conditions, this is a significant observation.

Dan2fly concludes by stating that whatever the composition of Nugenix is, it has provided him with a discernible benefit, even if it’s just a slight bump. The ingredients in Nugenix, designed to support natural testosterone production, could be contributing to these positive effects, especially considering testosterone’s role in energy and sexual health.


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