Your natural levels of growth hormone (GH) are stimulated and produced while you sleep. During the sleep stages, HGH (human growth hormone) rises and falls in a certain pattern. However, once you stop keeping a regular sleeping schedule that allows you to get the proper amount of rest, your body isn’t able to produce the regular amounts of growth hormone.

The end result is that you have much less HGH released into your body, which has a direct impact on how much fatigue you may feel in the morning. It has implications even in chronic fatigue.

When an adult has a high GH deficiency, he or she will inevitably lose the capability to maintain a solid sleep pattern. In most cases, these adults have a hard time falling asleep in general. On top of this, their “slow wave” and “REM” cycles are diminished, leaving the adults feeling less rested when they wake up.

Injecting GH or giving supplements to adults who have deficiencies in the production of HGH by their pituitary glands, (which is where the natural growth hormone is produced), will help these people revitalize their sleep patterns.

Aging can also be a factor in sleep irregularity. When the GH is replaced or treated in these older adults, they will regain their abilities to sleep enough and avoid fatigue or any distress associated with it.