Whenever we take a supplement, we buy it online , the product comes at our door, we pop it and expect miracles to happen on our own.

This is because of the false illusion that money can buy happiness.

Money can’t do anything good to your health unless God Almighty wants and God willing, He will help those who want to help themselves and take proper actions.

So, if you are seriously thinking to get an HGH supplement that can benefit in your anti aging or bodybuilding pursuits, I seriously recommend you to take the following steps:-

1). Understand why and how HGH supplements work by exploring the various mechanisms involved.

2). Try to follow the tips included in each of those sections, including but not limited to:-

i. Having a Deep sleep every night

ii. Increasing your protein intake and including legumes and fiber in your diet

iii. Increasing your dopamine levels by getting involved in healthy activities that give you pleasure and joy (Even a good park stroll will help)

iv. Including laughter and joy in your life which is connected to your dopamine levels and helps to reduce cortisol levels

v. Learning management of insulin and blood glucose levels throughout the day and especially before sleep

vi Avoiding garbage carb snacks and high-glycemic-load carbohydrates

vii. Decreasing and managing stress in your life and eliminating depression if any

3). The mechanisms of HGH release give you basic idea how HGH supplements are supposed to work. It’s your duty to ensure that they do. Try to read more tips on good authority websites on how to successfully make use of these mechanisms or pathways, even more.

4). Keep yourself updated with new scientific information and research being carried out

5). The HGH supplements heavily depend on influencing your body’s neurochemistry and synthesis of neurotransmitters in the brain. One way to strengthen this process is to consume a B complex vitamin that should definitely have niacin (vitamin B3) and preferably also vitamin B6.

6). Involve in exercise, if possible HIIT or high intensity interval training is best

High intensity exercise combined with amino acids intake is a powerful combination. Powerful and substantial proof exists that a combination of arginine and ornithine increases the outcomes of strength training by helping to enhance lean body mass and strength. The analysis also established that oral doses as relatively small as 1 gram of ornithine and arginine were effective in enhancing strength and lean tissue mass.

7). Understand what factors might hinder your success with HGH supplements.

8). Emphasize on all safe methods for enhancing endogenous HGH production which include: losing excess body fat, particularly abdominal fat; avoiding high-glycemic load carbohydrates; optimizing sleep habits; eating a high-protein, low-carbohydrate snack before bedtime; and exercising regularly to your lactate threshold. Targeted nutrients including choline, arginine, ornithine, glycine, glutamine, and niacin (vitamin B3) can help support endogenous GH secretion, assist muscle growth and recovery from exercise, and promote healthy sleep.