HGH injections are the most efficient method of increasing your body’s growth hormone levels, but there are some side effects involved. A proper anti-aging method has to be accompanied with amino acids, making the entire formula enhance the body’s metabolism. This allows for the cells in the body to function as best they can.

The most common side effects of HGH treatment can be avoided if you follow the four pieces of advice listed below.

Find an expert who can handle this treatment, and he or she will give you sound advice and provide frequent follow-ups. The following methods are based on information of several patients that have used HGH for hormone replacement therapy.

1) Follow Dr. Chein’s dosage patterns.

Lower doses of HGH on a regular basis proves more effective than less frequent, large, impactful dosages. You will want to start with very low amounts and gradually increase it to avoid the side effects.

Dr. Chein recommends the low-dose and high-frequency method. In the book “Grow young with HGH”, it is reported that He administers between 4-8 IU every week to over 90 percent of his patients. Usually, this amount is separated into two shots. The first shot is administered before sleeping to stimulate the GH, then also in the morning. Dr. Chein recommends that this pattern is followed for six days, then nothing for the seventh.

This method is effective in allowing your body to continue to produce your natural growth hormones. Therefore, the most units that are administered per week are 12. Through this method, Dr. Chein and Cass Terry found that there were no side effects among the 800 patients they examined.

2) Maintain proper IGF-1 amounts.


People between ages 30 and 40 are given normal levels of IGF-1. Those in Dr. Chein’s study were given high 200 or low 300 units of IGF-1, and the results were fantastic. Chein’s patients felt more energy, strength, endurance, lean muscle mass, and just a much better feeling overall.

Keeping the IGF-1 from reaching extreme levels is an important way to make sure the GH amounts are being replaced in the body effectively. An excess amount for this age group, meaning over 350, might cause problems.

3) Replace all the GH that aging has depleted in the most balanced manner.

The growth hormone is most effective when it works together with the DHEA, reproductive hormones, and melatonin.

As you age, these harmonious levels can drop and become uneven. Dr. Chein states that maintaining this equal balance is essential in keeping yourself healthy from disease and old age. For example, DHEA might be combined with testosterone or melatonin for men over fifty. The mixture of these hormones may reduce one’s risk of cancer, as well as provide other health benefits.

If taking an HGH supplement, make sure you take a multi-ingredient product that works via several mechanisms and targets as much of these anti aging hormones.

4) GH releasers may have negative effects.

In most cases, a natural growth hormone releaser should not have any negative side effects. However, there may be a unique case of a person having a bad reaction to the releaser when consuming a specific substance – it could be as simple as wheat or nuts. Since these unique situations depend on the individual, it’s important that you first consult with a doctor when seeking help from GH releasers.

Lastly, the best approach to avoid the side effects completely, would be to take a clinically proven natural supplement that contains the 7 ingredients responsible for optimum HGH release in the body, instead of HGH injections.