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BSN Whey DNA is a rock-solid protein source that contains only the highest quality whey available. BSN’s reputation for stellar protein is continued with their DNA line.

They’ve gone back to the basics, and it shows: Whey DNA is designed around time-tested, large doses of pure protein with no superfluous ingredients or useless compounds.

BSN WHEY DNA, Milk Chocolate, 1.85lb (25 Servings)
  • 1 gram fat; 3-4 gram carbohydrates; 1 gram sugar and 120-130 calories per serving
  • 24 grams protein per serving
  • New from BSN

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Whey protein is unquestionably the most-used protein on the market, but not all whey forms are created equal.


Each dose of Whey DNA contains 24 grams of the 2 most-used proteins: whey concentrate and whey isolate. Because whey contains a complete amino acid profile, you don’t need to worry about missing essential amino acids or take another amino blend. There is no added sugar or fat, so you can easily keep your macros in check.

User reviews

This is BSNs basic whey protein, cheaper than Syntha-6 but still a really good whey protein. You get 24g of protein per scoop and the 140 calories per shake is reasonable too so it is a decent protein for anyone looking to watch calories and watch their carbs and fats in their shakes, as this is low on both. It mixes well and you only need a few vigorous shakes before it is totally lump free! I love BSN products but i find their proteins a little sweet sometimes (mainly in the chocolate flavour) so I prefer the vanilla but for any sweet tooths out there, you have got to get the milk chocolate. Ps this is the best whey protein I have found for baking so that is a bonus too.

Each brand usually has a flagship protein product and then a more basic better value version and this BSN whey DNA is exactly that but don’t be fooled into thinking this is poor quality. It mixes brilliant and tastes good and is a lower calories option to syntha 6. I think it’ll be something you like if you have enjoyed the syntha 6 proteins by BSN too so well worth giving it a try. I really like BSN and this better value whey is a great option for anyone on a budget

Currently I am using the vanilia flavour of this protein powder from bsn. The taste is really good and you will get a high quality protein supplement. I have tried alot of different brands of protein powder through the years I have been weightlifting. I would say this one is one of the top products I have tried. 55 servings for this cheap price is really good.

It mix really well in my shaker and overall i would rate it as a good protein powder.

Other useful information

Whey concentrate provides a strong backbone for the protein blend. It’s a medium-release protein, meaning it takes up to 4 hours to digest, which makes it an excellent post-workout choice, and contains 75% pure protein. Whey isolate is the ultra-filtered whey form, containing 98% pure protein. This gives the concentrate a boost without adding extra fat. Isolate is also a medium-release protein.

BSN Whey DNA stand head and shoulders above other protein blends by sticking to the time-tested basics. There are no useless ingredients, heavy metals, or banned substances, just pure, high-quality protein. The easy-to-mix powder tastes great, and the dosage can be customized to any plan. Let BSN reward your hard work with Whey DNA.

A whey protein powder makes it far more convenient and arguably cost-effective for you to increase your protein consumption without having to purchase meat and other animal products as your sole source of dietary protein.

The additional benefit of a protein blend BSN Whey DNA is that you are receiving a fast-digested proteins in the form of Whey Protein Isolate and a more moderately fast-digesting protein in the form of Whey Protein Concentrate.

What this means is that the isolated protein will be digested very rapidly to into your bloodstream and provide you with amino acids quickly. Beyond this, the less refined concentrated protein will digestive more slowly to produce a gradual release of amino acids into your bloodstream.


BSN Whey DNA offers a blend of two types of protein to provide a total of 24 g of protein per serving with 25 servings per package.

There are three different flavours available, each of which are delicious and should appeal to a broad range of tastes and preferences.

Although BSN Whey DNA does not necessarily offer the same level of value for money that some protein powders can offer by being available in larger containers, it is still a decent product that will help you to conveniently add more quality protein to your diet on a day-to-day basis.


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