Dopaminergic pathway: Relation between Dopamine and Growth Hormone, How L tyrosine and Alpha GPC can help?

2). Dopaminergic pathway Another way the human body can be made to produce more hGH is by increasing the levels of a neurotransmitter called “dopamine” in the human brain. Dopamine is a crucial brain chemical associated with motor performance (physical movements) and general motivation, arousal, excitement. One reason why the aging adults find it hard […]

Amino acids pathway: What is the catch in using amino acids to enhance HGH?

1. Amino acids pathway If you ingest or consume too much or more than usual of something, your body knows how to use it. Excess fat intake can cause cholesterol in sedentary individuals. When bodybuilders doing strenuous exercises take fat, it gets converted to cholesterol and a good portion of that cholesterol gets converted to […]

Top 4 Recommended Methods of Avoiding Side Effects from HGH Treatment

HGH injections are the most efficient method of increasing your body’s growth hormone levels, but there are some side effects involved. A proper anti-aging method has to be accompanied with amino acids, making the entire formula enhance the body’s metabolism. This allows for the cells in the body to function as best they can. The […]

HGH for weight loss – HGH Helps You Lose Weight but Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Human growth hormone burns fat as effectively as fire burns wood. Basically, it will increase the amounts of “free fatty acids”, which are utilized by the body to produce energy. This in turn lowers the amount and size of fat cells in the body. These “fat cells” already have receptors for GH. When the cell […]

HGH for better sleep – Use HGH to Repair Your Sleep Cycle and Relieve Your Fatigue-Related Stress

Your natural levels of growth hormone (GH) are stimulated and produced while you sleep. During the sleep stages, HGH (human growth hormone) rises and falls in a certain pattern. However, once you stop keeping a regular sleeping schedule that allows you to get the proper amount of rest, your body isn’t able to produce the […]